UK Dynamical Systems Graduate School on

Complex Dynamics

University of Liverpool, January 14 - 18, 2008

All talks will take place in Room G16 in the Liverpool mathematics department. The poster session will likely take place outside the common room on the third floor of the mathematics department.

General Information

This graduate course takes place under the auspices of the UK Dynamical Systems Graduate School. The courses are directed at graduate students of all levels and have no non-standard prerequisites.

The main program will consist of four courses on different topics of one-dimensional holomorphic dynamics. There will also be some time for student talks.

Getting here

Participants are expected to arrange their own accommodation. There will be a small contingent of rooms reserved at the Britannia Adelphi hotel, which is convenient for access to the University, at the "University special rate" of £ 75 per night including breakfast. Participants should book directly with the hotel by contacting the Sales Office on 0151 709 7200 Ext 003 and quoting the Liverpool University Complex Dynamics Course.

If you are looking for accommodation at more moderate prices, this Bed and breakfast directory website may be of use to you.

You may also consider the Liverpool Youth Hostel. Note that the rooms are usually dorm rooms for 4 or 6 people. If there is sufficient interest, we could make a group booking for such a room; please let us know via e-mail if you would be interested in this. (Note also that online booking is not available for the hostel; you will need to call the number given on the website if you wish to make a booking.)

Merseyside Partnership (tel. 08448700123) may also be able to offer accommodation or advice over the phone. (Mention that you are attending a workshop at the University of Liverpool.)

The university is rather close to the city centre (it is about a 10 minute walk from Lime Street station), so any accommodation near the centre should also be convenient for the workshop. To be safe, you can check the location of the department on Google Maps.

Local Expenses and Travel Costs

There are no specific funds available for the UKDS Graduate School. We will be able to cover the main speakers' expenses from other sources, but there are currently no funds available to pay for other participants' local expenses and travel costs. Participating students should ask their institutions to cover these costs.

The UKDSG £100 registration fee will be waived for all students (not just those with lack of financial support). There will. however, be a fee for those intending to participate in the confrence dinner. (Details to follow.)

We have applied for some additional funds, so there is a small chance that it might become possible to contribute to the expenses of participants with no financial support. If you expect that you will require such a contribution, please let us know upon registration. In any event, first inquire with your home institution about any support they will be able to give.

CODY funding available. We are very grateful that the CODY network has offered to refund the travel and accommodation expenses of any participant who is affiliated to a node of the Network. Participants from the UK should contact the organisers, who will coordinate with the UK CODY node. Those from other countries should contact the CODY coordinator in their country.

Attention. Note that, under CODY rules, anyone who is not a CODY student or postdoc and who receives funding from CODY will need to provide some training for those who are; i.e. present a talk or poster. We will try to arrange for short talks for all whom this applies to, but we ask you to also prepare a poster with a short description of your research, to make sure we have other options.


The workshop will begin on the afternoon of Monday the 14th, and end around noon on Friday the 18th.

There will be four main courses:

A provisional list of abstracts for the individual lectures is available, as is a provisional schedule.


Notes from lectures and talks







If you would like to participate in this workshop, please register by December 17th. If you have questions, feel free to e-mail Lasse Rempe.