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Oleg Karpenkov
Lecturer in Mathematics
Department of Mathematical Sciences
University of Liverpool
Email: karpenk at liv.ac.uk

Oleg Karpenkov

CV, research statement, PhD-thesis, and Habilitation thesis
My CV (pdf) and a brief description of my research until may 2008 (pdf).
My PhD thesis (pdf, in Russian), scientific advisers V.I.Arnold and V.M.Zakalyukin:
On multidimensional continued fractions of Klein model: classification of two-dimensional faces, algorithms, examples.
My Habilitation thesis (pdf): Geometry of lattice angles, polygons, and cones. Summary (pdf).
Publications and Preprints
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Our Journal
Uniform Distribution Theory.
Our local seminar
Selected Topics in Mathematics.
Selected Topics in Mathematics, Online Edition.
Some of my conference co-organization
Continued Fractions and Geometry of Lattices, October 8, 2014.
Geometry, Combinatorics, and Markov Numbers, May 11-13, 2020.
LMS/British Singularity Day
Webpage of LMS/British Singularity Days.
Errata to texts, additional computations etc.
Corrections to the paper "Generalised Markov numbers", JNT 2020 (by Matty van-Son).
Computations for the paper "On a periodic Jacobi-Perron type algorithm", preprint 2021.
My sample PhD projects
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