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Seminar "Selected Topics in Mathematics"
Online edition

Aims of the seminar
This is a multidisciplinary seminar with a slight emphasis on problems on interaction of singularity theory, geometry, topology, and the geometry of numbers. This is a joint seminar between NUI Galway, University of Liverpool, TU Wien, and Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Since the subject of the seminar is quite broad we kindly ask the speakers to say (if possible) a few introductory words about the state of art in the corresponding areas.
Spring 2021
Autumn 2021

The talks will be recorded (with the speakers permission) and published on this webpage.
Usual schedule for this semester
Talks will take place on Zoom

This seminar is available on researchseminars (dot) org/seminar/SelectedTopics-Liverpool. Here you can find links to our upcoming talks.
Contact us
  • james.cruickshank (at) nuigalway.ie (James Cruickshank, NUI Galway)
  • karpenk (at) liv.ac.uk (Oleg Karpenkov, University of Liverpool)
  • cmueller (at) geometrie.tuwien.ac.at (Christian Müller, TU Wien)
  • bservat (at).wpi.edu (Brigitte Servatius, WPI)
  • m.j.van-son (at) liverpool.ac.uk (Matty van Son, University of Liverpool)
Mailing list
If you would like to be added to the mailing list for this seminar then please email:
  • m.j.van-son (at) liverpool.ac.uk (Matty van Son, University of Liverpool)