Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Liverpool
Mathematical Sciences Building, Liverpool L69 7ZL, United Kingdom
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Seminar "Selected Topics in Mathematics"

Aims of the seminar
This is a multidisciplinary seminar with a slight emphasis on problems on interaction of singularity theory and geometry of numbers. Our main interests are in singularities, number theory, ergodic theory, and geometry. Since the subject of the seminar is quite broad we kindly ask the speakers to say (if possible) a few introductory words about the state of art in the corresponding areas.
Spring 2013
Autumn 2013
Spring 2014
Autumn 2015
Usual schedule for this semester
Wednesday, 2pm
Mathematical Science Building, Room 104 (the 1st flor).
How to find us.
Contact us
karpenk at liv.ac.uk (Oleg Karpenkov)