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This page contains details of RT6 meetings and for meetings of the WPs within RT6. The page also contains the minutes of any meetings that are made public. 
Some minutes or items may be restricted to ENSEMBLES partners only on the Members' Site | Participants section of the site.

The site also links to working and final versions of RT and its work packages reports and again some may be restricted to the Members' Site | Participants
section of the site.


Practical Information

Exeter Meeting Details on main ENSEMBLES meetings page

Athens RT6 Meeting Agenda

Minutes and Presentations

Exeter RT Meeting

RT6 with WP6.3 breakout

Presentations for plenaries on main ENSEMBLES members' site

Presentations for WP6.3 breakout on RT6 members' site

Athens GA Meeting


First Annual Report

Documents were forwarded to Chris Hewitt on 30th August.

Additions and revisions will continue to be accepted please e-mail updates to Andy Morse and Alexandre Gagnon and/or bring changes to the RT6 meeting 
in Athens.

Much is missing in the cost justification and person month information.

Please remember to have you new budget Section 9.4 DIP spreadsheet with help from your adminsiatration your PMR Appendix 2 actual spend vs. budget 
and your Form C - all forms are available from the main reporting website.

RT6 PAR latest version

RT6 DIP latest version

RT6 Person Months (working version) latest version

RT6 Person Months submitted version and updates

RT6 PMR Cost Justifcation

For WP 5.5 partners

WP5.5 PAR latest version

WP5.5 DIP latest version

Maintained by Andy Morse and Caminade Cyril        Co-ordinators Andy Morse and Colin Prentice

Updated 18th September, 2008