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This is the page for the RT6 coordination and will give a summary of activities as they are achieved and a list of deliverables and milestones for the whole project

Disclaimer: Some of the the information on this page is taken from DoW vn1.4 any errors or inconsistencies with other documentation needs to be discussed with the RT coordinators
and ultimately the IP management.


Leader: UNILIV (Morse), UNIVBRIS (Prentice). Participants: SYKE (Carter)

Task 6.0.a: To ensure that deliverables and milestones for the project are met in a timely fashion.

Task 6.0.b: To produce progress reports as specified by the ENSEMBLES Project Coordinator, and to generally keep the Project Coordinator informed as to progress within the RT.

Task 6.0.c: To organize and manage progress meetings under the umbrella of ENSEMBLES meetings

Task 6.0.d: To set-up and manage an internal web site for the RT, which will hold information such as contact details, minutes of meetings and progress reports, and to contribute to 
the ENSEMBLES external web site.

Deliverables and Milestones

A list will appear here with links to RT6 WPs

Notes: Deliverable Number 6.0 basic site up and running by month 3 ongoing improvements and expansion through course of ENSEMBLES

Del. No. Deliverable name WP no. Lead participant Estimated indicative person-months Nature Dissemination level Delivery date
6.0 Internal RT6 web site RT6_home page 6.0 UNILIV 3 O RE 3
6.1 Versions of the LPJ and Hadley Centre models which include interactive annual crops. Version of the LPJ model with globally applicable representation of managed forests 6.1 PIK 17 O CO 18
6.2 First-phase impact models to predict damage to human activities, the environment and tropical annual crops from climate extremes: e.g. wind storm, drought, flood and heat stress 6.1 and 6.2 UEA 33 O CO 18
6.3 Calibrated and tested crop, forest, hydrology and energy impact models; baseline data and scenarios for constructing impact response surfaces. 6.1 and 6.2 SYKE 38.5 O CO 18
6.4 Seasonal-to-decadal application models running as part of an integrated probabilistic ESM based on DEMETER hindcasts 6.3 UNILIV 76 O CO 18

Maintained by Andy Morse and Caminade Cyril        Co-ordinators Andy Morse and Colin Prentice

Updated 18th September, 2008