RapidSeis Workshop

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The RapidSeis workshop (12/13th November 2009) was the culmination of a 6 month pilot project to investigate the use of 'virtual' computing in seismology. The project was a collaboration between the Seismology Group (University of Liverpool), National e-Science Centre (University of Edinburgh) and the Orfeus Data Centre (de Bilt, Netherlands). The original idea stemmed from the plug-in functionality of the seismological data analysis application (SDX) which serves as the back-end processing system of the RapidSeis system. RapidSeis extended this concept so that plug-ins could be created, edited and executed within portlets accessed over the web. Thus the functionality of SDX could be altered on the fly via the web. Data were supplied to SDX from the user's NERIES Data Portal cart; the data were selected using the series of tools available within the Data Portal. The RapidSeis portlets were generated by the Rapid system, and were hosted within the NERIES Data Portal. The editor and executor portlets, and the processing sub-system, ran on hardware at the University of Liverpool.

Workshop Attendees
Workshop Attendees (left to right)
Moritz Beyreuther (LMU), Robert Barsch (LMU), Paul Denton (BGS), Jano van Hemert (NeSC), Andreas Rietbrock (Liverpool), Andy Heath (Liverpool),
Marco Olivieri (ETHZ), Alessandro Spinuso (Orfeus - facsimile), Luca Trani (Orfeus), Alexandra Lodge (Liverpool), Jos Koetsier (NeSC), Linus Kamb (EMSC)

Speaker Presentation
Luca Trani NERIES Seismic Data Portal
Robert Barsch / Moritz Beyreuther   SeisHub: a web-based database / ObsPy: a Python Toolbox for Seismology
Marco Olivieri Portal-related Developments @ SED 
Jano van Hemert Rapid: Giving Computational Science a Friendly Face
Paul Denton UK School Seismology Project 
Andy Heath RapidSeis: Introduction
Jos Koetsier RapidSeis: Rapid Portlet Building 
Luca Trani RapidSeis: Portlets Integration and Metadata 
Andy Heath RapidSeis: Back-end Application, Utilities and Infrastructure