Understanding Maple

Understanding Maple is a book intended for anyone who wishes to use Maple to do more than just sum a single series or evaluate a single integral. It is suitable for beginners, but does not shy away from advanced topics. It explains the rules which control how Maple processes input, and shows how to avoid all the most common pitfalls. Chapters include:

  • Algebra and Calculus
  • Solving Equations
  • Linear Algebra
  • Graphics
  • Programming
  • Procedures
The book contains numerous illustrative examples, and everything is fully up to date for Maple 2016. All of the examples work with Maple 2015, and most work with earlier versions as well (though naturally the number of exceptions grows the further back one goes). If you are taking (or teaching) a course in which Maple is used, starting to use Maple for project or research work, or if you already use Maple but sometimes find its behaviour frustrating or confusing, then Understanding Maple is for you.

  • Download the table of contents and introduction.
  • Buy a copy direct from Cambridge University Press.
  • Download the Maple worksheets which accompany the book.

Please email me if you find any errors in the book, or if you have any suggestions for improvements or additions that can be made in future editions. If you have a question about Maple that is not directly relevant to the book, then you should contact Maplesoft Technical Support.

  • A list known errors is here.
  • A list of revisions for the second edition (if a second edition is published) is here.

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