Assorted Links

Bruce Campbell
“There’s something out there. That … that witch in the cellar is only part of it.” Bruce Campbell in Evil Dead II.
  • Use the Quackometer to check websites for quackery.
  • Read a debunking of ‘Learning Styles’ here.
  • No matter what you may have been told, Manchester United is the one true religion.
  • Need help with (La)TeX? Ask for help on and get an answer within hours (if not minutes).
  • All the (La)TeX related downloads you need (including manuals), are available from CTAN.
  • Download Gnuplot and the accompanying manual here.
  • Visit the home of Castle Rock Brewery, brewer of great beer and operator of great pubs.
  • Are you a real programmer, or a quiche eater?
  • Even if you are not a quiche eater, you can still inflict pain on yourself by learning to program in postscript. All the manuals you need are available here.
  • Download the (free) gfortran compiler, or get the (not free but more advanced) NAG compiler instead.
  • Read about the latest Fortran developments here.