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Group members

Group Leader:

Professor Luning Liu, Chair of Microbial Bioenergetics and Bioengineering

Prof. Luning Liu received his PhD in Microbiology in 2008 from Shandong University. He carried out a joint PhD project at the Leiden University, Netherlands (2005-2008), and then he worked as a postdoctoral fellow at Institute Curie, Paris (2008-2010), and a Marie Curie research fellow at Queen Mary University of London (2010-2012). He became a Principal Investigator at University of Liverpool in December 2012 and a Chair Professor in Microbial Bioenergetics and Bioengineering. He has been awarded a prestigeous Royal Society University Research Fellowship (10.2013-09.2021). His research focuses on the molecular basis of protein assembly and dynamics in biological membranes, light-harvesting, structure and physiological regulation of the photosynthetic machinery.

Expertise: Biochemistry, Synthetic Biology, Microbiology, Biophysics, Microscopy

E: Luning.Liu("at")
T: +44 (0)151 795 4426


Postdoc associate researchers:

Dr Fang Huang

Dr Taiyu Chen

Dr Longsheng Zhao

Dr Tuomas Huokko


PhD students:

Zimeng Zhang

Leanne Miller

Mengru Yang

Sam Weetman

Qiuyao Jiang


Monsour Al Hazeem

Tianpei Li

Laura Bracun



Mr Greg Dykes


Project students:

Yuyang Yan

Madi Thorne

Andrew Clark



Former members:

Dr Jorge Rodriguez-Ramos
Dr Selene Casella

Dr Yi Fang

Dr Matthew Faulkner
Dr Yaqi Sun


Junting Han

Liza Klebe

Hanan Ali Alatawi

Chengzhi An

Patty Chen


Yizhou Wang

Yandi Zheng

Jonathan Simpson

Kate Potter

Sadia Noreen


Cristien Natal

Ryan Lin

Nicola Deeley

Sarah Zouggari
LuĂ­za Pereira de Oliveira


Natasha Petterson

Kristian Williams

Xiaolun Ma
Joshua Hayton

Edward Cairns


Ziyu Zhao