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I am currenly cosupervising several postgraduate research (PhD) students. In 2012-2016, I taught Maths to year 2 Chemistry students at the University of Liverpool.

Lectures on Model Fitting and Data Analysis

In 2009-2011, I read a lecture course on Data Analysis to PhD students just starting their projects at the Materials Sciecnce and Metallurgy Department, University of Cambridge. This course was designed to help students gather, analyse and interpret their research data most effectively (e.g. the Design of Experiments (DoE), which is still relatively uncommon in academia). It covered the theory of errors and their analysis, followed by a survey of several techniques for model fitting (including regression, neural networks and maximum likelihood) with an emphasis on practical application.

Physics supervisions

In 2007-2010, I gave weekly supervisions in Physics for first year Natural Sciences students at the University of Cambridge. This course covered almost all aspects of Physics ranging from mechanics and electric circuits to quantum physics and special relativity. Here is a collection of external links related to this course:

Seminars in Computer Science

In 2001-2003, I taught Computer Science subjects to first and second year undergraduates at Sheffield Hallam University. These were primarily introductory courses on procedural and object-oriented approaches in programming using languages such as Python, C++ and Java.