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Dr. Dmytro Antypov
Leverhulme Research Centre for Functional Materials Design
Materials Innovation Factory
Department of Chemistry
University of Liverpool
United Kingdom
office: MIF 3/031
phone: +44 (0) 151 795 7156

The series of images at the very top of this page represents two things:

1. The Challenge. Since microscopic properties and mechanisms operating on a molecular scale define the bulk properties of materials, how can we use these properties to create better materials for technological applications?

2. The Solution. In my work, I apply a multiscale computer modelling approach to study functional materials used in batteries, separation, catalysis and other applications. The idea is to develop a set of interconnected accurate theoretical models which capture the essential behaviour of these materials at different length and time scales:

This roughly translates into

with Mathematics and Computer Science being the glue that holds everything together.

I am a member of the Collaborative Computer Project 5 (CCP5), the Directed Asssembly Network, and the HPC Materials Chemistry Consortium.