Alloys & Semiconductor Systems

Reflection Anisotropy Spectroscopy (RAS)

Long Term


Peter Weightman and Trevor Farrell

Research Overview

The primary aims of my research programme are:

  1. To determine the physical principles which control the behaviour of metals, alloys and semiconductors and their surfaces and interfaces.
  2. To determine the physical principles which control the molecular assembly of DNA and protein systems at metal/liquid interfaces on the nanoscale.
  3. To test theoretical ideas on the mechanisms of biological organisation.

The benefits of achieving these aims would include:

  • The design of alloys with desirable properties from first principles.
  • The control of band offsets in semiconductor devices.
  • The controlled structuring of surfaces for the assembly of nanostructures.
  • The assembly of DNA templates for fabrication and assembly of nanoscale systems.
  • The development of methods for rapid screening of DNA-DNA and DNA-protein interactions. This would remove a major limitation on the exploitation of the results of the human genome project in the development of pharmaceuticals.
  • Advances in the engineering of functionalisation of surfaces on the nanoscale for applications in clinical engineering.
  • An advance in our ability to exploit the self-assembly of biological molecules and insight into the development of disease.

I am currently concentrating on the development and application of Reflection Anisotropy Spectroscopy (RAS) for the study of biological systems and of a terahertz beamline and tissue culture facility on the ALICE accelerator at Daresbury for the study of biological systems. My research is set in the context of collaborations with other members of the Condensed Matter Group and the surface science research centre.

Selected Publications

            "Auger Vacancy Satellite Structure in the L3M4,5M4,5  Auger Spectra of Copper"
             E.D. Roberts, P. Weightman and C.E. Johnson, J.Phys. C 8 L301-4 (1975)

             "The M4,5N4,5 N4,5   Auger Spectra of Ag, Cd, In and Sn"
               A.C. Parry-Jones, P. Weightman and P. Andrews, J.Phys. C 12 1587-600 (1979)

             "The Influence of the 4d Bandwidth on the M4,5N4,5N4,5  Auger Spectra of Ag in MgAg and AlAg Alloys"
                P. Weightman and P.T. Andrews, J.Phys. C 13 3529-46 (1980)

             "The Pd Auger Spectra of Mg75Pd25, Al80Pd20 and Pd and their Dependence on Band Structure"
               P. Weightman and P.T. Andrews, J.Phys. C 13 L815-19 (1980)

             "The Pd M4,5N4,5N4,5  Auger Spectra of AgPd Alloys"
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             "Localised States in Molecular Auger Spectra"
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1652-62 (1983)

             "Valence Electronic Structure of AuZn and AuMg Alloys Derived from a new way of analysing Auger
               parameter shifts"
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             "Experimental Determination of the Pd and Cu Densities of States in Cu75Pd25"
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               Phys. Rev. B 35 519-23 (1987)

             "Local Lattice Expansion Around Pd Impurities in Cu and its influence on the Pd
               Density of States:  An EXAFS and Auger Study"
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             "Off site contribution to electron correlation; an extension to the Hubbard model studied by Auger spectroscopy."
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             "Orientation of ordered structures of cytosine and cytidine 5'-monophosphate adsorbed at Au(110)/liquid interfaces."
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               D.S. Martin, Phys. Rev. Lett. 96
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             "Reflection anisotropy spectroscopy study of the adsorption of sulfur-containing amino acids at the
               Au(110)/electrolyte interface."
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             "Evidence for protein conformational change at a Au(110)/protein interface."                                                                                                                                                                  

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            "A new uv reflection anisotropy spectroscopy spectrometer and its application to the Au(110) electrolyte surface"

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