Peter Weightman and Trevor Farrell

Research grants awarded since 2004

EPSRC "Fundamental aspects of the electronic structure of bio-interactions using high performance electron spectroscopy £ 72,114  1/10/04 to 30/9/05
Co-investigator with Dr R.L. Williams (PI) (Clinical Engineering)

2  EPSRC " A novel biophysical approach to the study of interactions between nucleic acids." £ 187,018   Principal Investigator   1/1/05 to 30/6/07

CCLRC "Probing conformational dynamics in signaling EGF receptors via multidimensional single-molecule fluorescence and single cell fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy.          £ 30,831 1/12/04 to 31/11/07 Principal Investigator

4  BBSRC "The design and analysis of synthetic substrates for embryonic stem cell culture"
Co-investigator. Prof. D.H. Edgar is the principal investigator ( £ 238  k) 1/02/06 to 31/1/ 09

5  NW Science Fund The award to construct a terahertz beamline and tissue culture facility on the prototype 4GLS accelerator at Daresbury 1/12/05 to 30/3/10  (£ 750 k)                       

 Principal Investigator

6   EU Marie Curie Host Fellowship “Studies of DNA adsorbed at metal/liquid interfaces” ~ £ 70 k  Principal Investigator

7   Wellcome Value in People Scheme “Probing model membranes by reflection anisotropy spectroscopy: a new tool for the analysis of membrane protein function.” £ 8,000         

Principal Investigator

8 Wellcome Value in People Scheme “Fundamental aspects of the electronic structure of biointeractions using high performance electron spectroscopy” £ 5,000 Principal Investigator

9 EPSRC "A novel approach to study the cellular response to directional loading in relation to biomedical implants." £ 450,152   1/07/07 to 30/06/10 Principal Investigator.

10 BBSRC "Reflection Anisotropy Spectroscopy as a new tool for linking macromolecular conformation to biological function: Applications in biological redox chemistry"

Principal Investigator £ 481k 01/03/08 to 28/02/11

11 EPSRC "Micro-Plasma technology for Controlling Cellular Interactions on Medical Implants"                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

£ 728 k 1/11/09 to 31/5/13 Co-Investigator

12 EPSRC "|Experimental studies of biological organisation"                                                                                                                                                                            

£ 257 k 1/11/09 to 30/4/11 Principal Investigator