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Updated 10th June 2020
I give regular talks on oceanography to general audiences (e.g. SciBars, Cafe Scientifique) and schools, and am registered with Speakezee.org. We often run exhibits at the Mersey River Festival, the Big Bang NW STEM event and the University of Liverpool STEM Masterclass week. Useful Videos: Have a look at this short video on the role of plankton in our climate. Look at this video for a view of life at sea on a research expedition. Here are 3 lab demonstrations of ocean processes that I use for Open Days and schools outreach: 1. What happens when a river meets the ocean? 2. Layers in the ocean (Mediterranean outflow example). 3. North Atlantic circulation and our climate.  We have three posters available for high school science teachers, which illustrate the application of biology, maths and physics in oceanography. You can either download a pdf file to print them, or try emailing me for copies (we have a limited number of poster sets that we can mail).
University of Liverpool Ocean Science Centenary Outreach