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One of the outcomes from the research activities in FS&T are conference and journal papers. This section gives a list of papers that are available to download under the subject headings given opposite.


Engineering Education

FLIGHT HANDLING QUALITIES A Problem-Based-Learning Module for Final Year Aerospace Engineering Students

Flight Simulation in Academia - HELIFLIGHT in its First Year of Operation

Flight Simulation in Academia - Progress with HELIFLIGHT at the University of Liverpool

Flight handling qualities A problem-based-learning module for final year aerospace engineering students

Rotorcraft Research

Defining Consistent ADS-33 Metrics for Agility Enhancement and Structural Loads Alleviation

A Severity Analysis for Rotorcraft Encounters with Vortex Wakes

Progress in the Development of Complementary Handling and Loading Metrics for ADS-33 Manoeuvres

Multivariable control of the longitudinal and lateral dynamics of a fly-by-wire helicopter

Wake Vortex Encounter Severity For Rotorcraft In Approach and Landing

First Steps Towards the Design of an Active Pitch Link Loads Reduction System Using Novel Control Techniques

Rotorcraft Simulation Modelling and Validation for Control Design and Load Prediction

Helicopter Flight Control Law Design Using H∞ Techniques


Simulation Fidelity Research

Measuring Simulation Fidelity through an Adaptive Pilot Model

Progress in Measuring Simulation Fidelity using an Adaptive Pilot Model


Tiltrotor Research

First Steps in the Development of Handling Qualities Criteria for a Civil Tiltrotor

Load Alleviation in Tilt Rotor Aircraft Through Active Control; Modelling and Control Concepts

Progress in Civil Tiltrotor Handling Qualities

Handling Qualities Degradation in Tilt-Rotor Aircraft Following Flight Control System Failures

Synthesis and Analysis of a Multi-Objective Controller for Tilt-Rotor Structural Load Alleviation


Visual Guidance Research

How Do Helicopter Pilots Know When to Stop, Turn or Pull Up? (Developing guidelines for vision aids)

Tau Flare or not Tau Flare: that is the question: Developing Guidelines for an Approach and Landing Sky Guide

Progress in the Development of Guidance Strategies For the Landing Flare Manoeuvre Using Tau-based Parameters

How long do pilots look forward? Prospective Visual Guidance in Terrain-Hugging Flight


Wright Brothers Research

Integrated Design of a Motion Cueing Algorithm and Motion Base Mechanism for a Wright Flyer Simulator

Flight Testing Simulations of the Wright 1902 Glider and 1903 Flyer

A Full-Flight Simulator of the 1903 Wright Flyer

The birth of flight control: An engineering analysis of the Wright brothers' 1902 glider

Flight Handling Qualities of the Wright Brothers 1905 Flyer III

The birth of the practical aeroplane: An appraisal of the Wright brothers’
achievements in 1905


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Engineering Education

Rotorcraft Research

Simulation Fidelity Research

Tiltrotor Research

Visual Guidance Research

Wright Brothers Research


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