Ruhr University Bochum, Germany

Teaching, Limit Theorems in Probability during summer 2017. Lecture note

Teaching, Brownian motion during winter term 2017.

Teaching Assistant, Analysis II during summer term 2018.

Teaching, Mathematical Finance during winter term 2018.

University of Helsinki

Teaching, Probabilistic Approximations during spring 2015.

(Under)Graduate courses at Aalto University

Teaching Assistant, Mat-1.3602 Stochastic Analysis during 2008-9 / III-IV.

Teaching Assistant, Mat-1.3604 Stationary Processes during 2010-11/I-II.

Teaching, Mat-1.9902 Fractional Brownian Motion during 2009-10/IV.

Teaching, Mat-1.3601 Introduction to Stochastic during 2010-11/III-IV.

Teaching, Mat-1.1610 Mathematics 1 during 2010-11/I-II.

Teaching, Mat-1.2600 Applied Probability during 2008-9/I-II.

(Under)Graduate courses at University of Vaasa

Teaching, Operation Research during Fall 2015.

Teaching, Numerical Analysis during Fall 2015.

Teaching, Probability and Stochastic Processes, Spring 2016.