Quantitative and dynamic measurement of transcription factor localisation and gene transcription to depict cell fate

We aim to understand, at a single cell level, how intracellular dynamics control the fine tuning of gene transcription and cell fate. Our research focuses on hypoxia signalling especially on the important role of hypoxia inducible factor timing to control cell fate and drug resistance. We work across scales from single molecule to small organism (chick embryo), using advanced imaging technologies to elucidate the role of oxygen from molecule dynamics to cancer cell migration and invasion.

Quantitative measurements in single living cells have shed light on complex dynamics of transcription factors including oscillatory behaviour. In collaboration with mathematicians, we use our data to uncover specific network motifs and understand diverse biological systems.

In order to obtain a quantitative view of the gene regulation at a molecular level in living cells, the group is collaborating with physicists and chemists to develop novel methods enabling protein-DNA binding visualisation and measurement, based on monitoring protein-coupled gold nanoparticles and quantum-dots.

Our work is / has recently been supported by:

Single cell imaging to monitor cell adaptation to low oxygen levels (hypoxia)

Last updated November  2015

Institute of Integrative Biology

Centre for Cell Imaging

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