Professor Lasse Rempe

Department of Mathematical Sciences
University of Liverpool
Liverpool, L69 7ZL, United Kingdom

Tel.: ++44- (0)151 794 4025
Fax: ++44- (0)151 794 4754
Office 520
e-mail: l DOT rempe AT liverpool DOT ac DOT uk
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I am Professor for Pure Mathematics, and Head of Research.

In Fall 2020, I am taking up the Chair of Pure Mathematics at the University of Liverpool that was endowed (as Chair of Mathematics) in 1882 by W. P. Sinclair and the Citizens and Shipowners of Liverpool in 1882.

Research Interests

Holomorphic Dynamics, Function Theory

Papers and Preprints

Curriculum vitae (March 2015)

Exhibition at the Festival of Mathematics and its Applications, July 3-4, 2014.
Exhibition poster

See also the article Maths, metronomes and firefles by Plus Magazine.

The five-panel mural in the department

Notes from talks (old)

Computing Pages (only sporadically updated)

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