Working Seminar on Bridgeland Stability Conditions

Spring 2019

This semester's working seminar will be on Bridgeland stability conditions.

We will be following lecture notes by Macrì-Schmidt and Bayer. There are also Notes by Daniel Huybrechts. Tom Bridgeland's original paper, Stability conditions on triangulated categories is also very readable.
Please let me know if you are interested in giving a talk.

Schedule: Tuesday, 3pm

Day Venue Speaker Title References
March 12 MATH-103 Aeran Fleming Classical stability: stable vector bundles and stability for quiver representations Bayer's notes
March 19 MATH-103 Peter Newstead Intro to GIT -
April 2 MATH-103 Alessio Cipriani Derived categories, t-structures and hearts Bayer's notes
April 30 MATH-103 Stefano Nicotra Stability conditions on a triangulated category Bayer's notes
May 7 MATH-103 Philip Carter The space of stability conditions Bayer's notes
May 13 MATH-103 Jon Woolf Stability conditions on P^1 S. Okada, Stability manifold of P^1
May 16 ? Thomas Mohaupt Stability and supersymmetry Notes!
May 21 ? Felix Küng Stability conditions on smooth projective surfaces Macrì-Schmidt
May 28 ? Thomas Wennink Moduli spaces of Bridgeland stability conditions, wall and chamber decomposition Macrì-Schmidt