Lyudmil Vladimirov

PhD Student/ Researcher

Hello there!

I am a Postgraduate Research (PhD) student within the School of Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Computer Science at the University of Liverpool. There I am part of Prof. Simon Maskell’s research team, which is currently comprised of a total of 11 members (PhDs and Post-Docs) with a variety of goals and interests, all evolving around the applications of Bayesian Inference and Statistics to the solution of modern problems (i.e. Risk and Uncertainty, Target State Estimators, Big Data etc).

With the help of my academic supervisor, Simon Maskell, I have been able to secure a studentship co-funded by EPSRC and Denbridge Marine Ltd, via an iCASE award kindly provided by the Industrial Mathematics Knowledge Transfer Network. The title of the proposed topic is “Co-development of Mathematical Models and Monte-Carlo Algorithms for Improved Detection of Targets in the Commercial Maritime Domain” and the relevant industrial supervisor from Denbridge Marine is Dr. Simon Lee. As the name suggest, the project shall focus on the development of mathematical models, which shall be used to accurately reflect the effects of sea clutter on sensor measurements (i.e. radars and cameras) and consequently the utilisation of such models within non-linear non-Gaussian state space estimators (i.e. Particle Filters) to perform multi-target tracking of vessels in busy environments. Recent work by Prof. Maskell suggest that utilising the ability of Particle Filters to fully exploit non-linear dynamic models can typically provide a 6dB improvement in detection performance for legacy radars. Since sea clutter, the main source of noise for maritime environments, is well-known to exhibit non-Gaussian statistics, use of non-linear dynamic models becomes paramount. This suggests that it is possible to take full advantage of the benefits offered by Particle Filtering methods, in order to achieve enhanced performance of up to 400% given a fixed sensor deployment. Fingers crossed and in 3 years time we should all have a definitive answer to these suspitions!

Personal Information

Name : Lyudmil Vladimirov
Birthday : June 10, 1993
Phone : (Request by email)
E-mail :
Address : Room 310 - Block B,
Department of Electrical Engineering and Electronics,
University of Liverpool,
Brownlow Hill,
United Kingdom,
L69 3GJ

What's it I do?


My research interests span across a wide range of fields including Robotics, Machine Learning, Image Processing and (Big) Data Mining. My current focus is on multi-sensor non-linear non-Gaussian multi-target track estimators (i.e. Particle Filter etc).


Whilst being a post-graduate research student, I also work within the university as an approved demostrator/tutor for a variety of undergraduate laboratory activities. Currently, I assist 1st year undergrads who are learning the fundamentals of C programming and provide technical guidance for lab equipment to 2nd year students.

Software Development

Besides doing research, I enjoy assisting/working on challenging side-projects just to keep my knowledge and skills up to date in other fields as well. These days I am working with a team of other developers on a system that will make the task of deploying and monitoring a variety of sensors (i.e. temperature/humidity), as simple as logging into a website.

Professional Skills

Programming languages


C, C++ & C#

Java & Javascript



PHP & MySql


Robot OS(ROS)


Qt & Visual Studio

Eclipse IDE

MS Office


Operating Systems

Microsoft Windows

Linux (Ubuntu)

Apple Mac OS


2015 - Current

Doctorate Degree (PhD)

University of Liveprool

Co-development of Mathematical Models & Monte-Carlo Algorithms for Improved Detection of Targets in the Commercial Maritime Domain

2011 - 2015

Masters Degree

University of Liverpool

Computer Science and Electronic Engineering MEng(Hons)
1st Class Achieved


General Education

1st Lyceum of Nafplio, Greece

Apolytirion - Sciene Direction
18.9 out of 20 Grade Achieved

Work Experience

Summer 2015

Research Assistant

University of Liverpool

Worked on a project co-ordinated by the University of Liverpool and the Defense Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl). Responsibilities involved the development of data preprocessing algorithms for the detection of patterns, associations and outliers.

Summer 2014

Research Assistant

University of Liverpool

Awarded with an EPSRC Vacation Bursary Programme Scholarship. Developed and applied data mining algorithms on mainstream social media (e.g. as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn), with the optimal goal of looking into the different cohorts followed by recent graduates.



Contact Me

Room 310 - Block B,
Department of Electrical Engineering and Electronics,
University of Liverpool,
Brownlow Hill,
United Kingdom,
L69 3GJ

(Request by email)

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