Introduction to these resources

Time and project management is the key to making things simple. With careful considered planning resources, time, and effort will be saved. With your project planned out you know when you need to do things and how. This can also save you considerable stress and anxiety.

The resource offers a collection of tools to help you review your own approach to Time management and hopefully find ways to improve your own efficiency.

Time and project management is something you probably do in your mind automatically. An important principle however, is that often the act of writing down the activity serves to make you think more carefully about the required task, and what problems may arise in doing the task. We have a duty as professionals to write things down methodically if it contributes to the effectiveness and efficiency of the task in hand.

As a post-graduate researcher you are expected to reach at least phase one in Time Management (section B2.3) of Vitae's Researcher Development Framework

  • Manages own time effectively to complete research project; adheres
    to clear plan.
The PhD Process as the progressive reduction of uncertainty

Useful Links - David Allen’s site of tools and advice on time and project management problems. - The MindTools site, which also contains a range of tools on time and project managements techniques