Literature: Making a start

Making a start Referencing

You will need to begin your literature review early in your research and we recommend that you strive to maintain good practice in recording your findings. Your records will need to serve you until your are completing the relevant chapters of your PhD Thesis.

The University Library offers a range of courses in information management to help you develop essential skills for your research, and your School/insitute will probably advise further which courses are most relevant to your discipline.

See also online packages produced by Epigeum, 'Research Methods In Literature Review' that provides advice on how to approach this task and so gain good habits early on.

As you advance your literature review, you will gain many useful skills in information handling, online and elsewhere. Vitae provide a range of resources to help you plan your development in this area and to evaluate your own skills.

You will also need to ensaure that you reference effectively, for journal publication and for your thesis, and to avoid any accusations of plagiarism. See our section on Plagiarism for further information >> Plagiarism.

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Relevant Links

University Library Training and Support- online and face-to-face training opportunities are available to help new researchers improve their information management skills and develop an understanding of the copyright issues related to PhD research.
Research Methods In Literature Review - This package, produced by Epidgeum, provides hints and useful tips on searching the available literature, guidance on evaluating the range of literature that you've found and help with writing up, and structuring your literature review.
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Policy On Plagiarism And Fabrication Of Data For Postgraduate Research Programmes - This policy document described the policy for dealing with plagiarism, collusion and fabrication of data in research degrees at Liverpool.