Introduction to the RDF

Introduction to this resource

This resource aims to provide an introduction and reference for the Vitae Researcher Developer Framework, with particular reference to the programme at Liverpool and the PGR Portfolio of Activity. We hope you can refer to different parts of the resource in different stages of your PhD, to promote your personal development for your research and career.

Introduction to the RDF

The Researcher Development Framework, (RDF) encapsulates the skills, knowledge and qualities of successful researchers and is intended as a tool to aid Personal Development Planning, for use by all researchers in Higher Education, for Postgraduates just starting their research degrees right through to Professorial level.

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Using the RDF in Career planning

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image of domains circle onlyDomains of the RDF

The RDF is divided into four high level domains
  1. Domain A: Knowledge and intellectual abilities
  2. Domain B: Personal effectiveness
  3. Domain C: Research governance and organisation
  4. Domain D: Engagement, influence and impact

View of subsomain circle onlySub-domains of the RDF

Each domain is divided into three sub-domains. When first starting to use the RDF for your own planning, you may prefer to concentrate on a few sub-domains that are most relevant to the current stage of your research career.

>> Explore the sub-domains of the RDF

- interactive guide to the sub-domains

image of the descriptor circle onlyDescriptors

Each sub-domain is defined by between three and eight descriptors

The full Researcher Development Framework defines a number of phases for each descriptor to help evaluate your level of competance. Note that these phases do not necessarily relate to the stage of your career since not even a top researcher will have reached the highest phase for all attributes.

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