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Professor John Hunt D.Sc. FBSC





Research Interests

One important area of biomaterials research is assessing the performance of materials with respect to their potential to affect the cells and tissue with which they are intended to come into contact. This requires a complex and flexible series of analytical techniques, that can accommodate the different forms a material may be presented in, and the different sites within a body a material will be placed: a useful material for use as a vascular graft may not be expected to make a good intraoccular lens.

Microscopically, the interactions of materials with bodily tissues are investigated by a combination of immunohistochemistry, in situ hybridisation, flow cytometry, confocal microscopy and image analysis. Characteristically, the tissue response to an implanted material is one of inflammation, with some final equilibration between the material and the tissue, and this is not necessarily ideal for the tissue or material. The response is characterised non-subjectively by using a panel of monoclonal antibodies to stain for specific cell types that are potentially involved in the host's response.


Following identification, the cellular response is quantified using computer image processing and analysis that can select and count the stained cells and return their position with respect to the implanted material. This is a particularly involved technique that requires unique routines, written to select and count each cell type observed in the tissue response.

From this analysis, the type and magnitude of the response is determined and compared to control materials. The analysis also returns information on the position of these cells with respect to the implanted material, which are then mathematically modelled to determine how the material relates to other materials with the same intended purpose/function. Flow cytometry can be utilised to look in more detail at receptor expression on these inflammatory cells and the real size and granularity of these cells can also be determined.

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