Boulatov group @ the University of Liverpool

Polymer mechanochemistry from fundamentals to applications

Roman Boulatov

44(0)151 794 3479

Roman Boulatov

Professor of Chemistry. PhD: Stanford University (J. P. Collman), postdoc: Harvard University (G. M. Whitesides).

Yancong Tian

Research Fellow. PhD: Normal University, Beijing. Yancong's focus is quantum-chemical computations and theory.

Chenxu Wang

PhD student. MSc: Loughborough University. Chenxu's focus is physical measurements.

Suonan Du

PhD student. BSc: Nanjing Univeristy, China. Suonan's focus is synthesis.

Watsuwach Wongjan

PhD student. Msc: Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany. Watsuwatch's focus is synthesis

Caili Sun

Postdoctoral Fellow. PhD: TIPC, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing. Caili's focus is synthesis and physical measurements.

Rob O'Neill

PhD student. Msc: Durham University. Rob's focus is synthesis.

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