Dr Bakhtier Vasiev 

Senior Lecturer in Mathematics,

Liverpool University

Contact details:

·        Office: Room 413, Department of Mathematical Sciences, Peach Street, Liverpool, L69 7ZL, UK

·        Phone: +44 151 794 4004

·        Fax: +44 151 794 4061

·        e-mail: b.vasiev@liverpool.ac.uk



1st semester:                   Math103 (Introduction to Linear Algebra) tutorials: recorded videos

2nd semester:                  Introduction to Statistics, Math162

                                      Chaos and Dynamical Systems, Math322: video lectures 

          Previously taught:         Dynamic Modelling, Math122: video lectures

Timetable (Office Hours) for the 2nd semester in 2019/20


Research interests: mathematical biology, nonlinear dynamics, pattern formation, chemotaxis, aging, mortality dynamics. 

Examples of research projects offered to students:

·        Modelling migration of cells in biological tissues. Overview in video lecture and poster presentation.

·        Modelling proliferation and transformation of cells. Example: Modelling epithelial tissue topology.

·        Modelling pattern formation in biology. Examples:

-         Scaling of Patterns Forming in Reaction-Diffusion Systems;

-         Formation of Patterns in Cellular Automata.

·        Modelling aging and mortality dynamics. Overview in PowerPoint and poster presentations.

·        Modelling competitive interactions between bacterial populations.


Past project students: click here


Past PhD students:

2012: Nigel Harrison: Modelling chemotactic motion of cells in biological tissues with applications to embryogenesis

2014: Manou Rasolonjanahary: Scaling of morphogenetic patterns in continuous and discrete models

2016: Demetris Avraam: Modelling Mortality Dynamics in Heterogeneous Human Populations

2018: AbdulAziz Abdullah: Mathematical modelling of embryonic tissue development


Research expertise:

Dr Vasiev has graduated from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology with a PhD in Biophysics in 1990. His research is focused on mathematical aspects of nonlinear dynamics and pattern formation in biological systems. He has gained his experience in a number of universities and research centres across Europe including Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Biophysics of Russian Academy of Science and universities in Utrecht, Munich and Dundee. Dr Vasiev is a lecturer in the Department of Mathematical Sciences of the Liverpool University since 2007. His research is associated with theoretical studies of biological development, demographics and aging. His early works were devoted to investigation of propagating waves in excitable systems and chemotactic motion of aggregating cells (Dictyostelium population). Most recently his research is focused on mechanisms of formation of morphogenetic patterns and migration of cells in developing tissues. He is also working on theoretical aspects of aging in human populations as reflected by mortality data.


Last updated on 23/09/2019