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Principal Investigator: João Pedro de Magalhães

João Pedro de Magalhães

I graduated in Microbiology from the Escola Superior de Biotecnologia in my hometown of Porto, Portugal, in 1999. My first experience in a research environment was as an intern (1998-1999) in the UnIGENe research group at the Institute for Molecular and Cell Biology in Porto, where I worked on Machado-Joseph disease, a neurological disorder.

As a doctoral fellow, I pursued my dream of unravelling the mechanisms of ageing by joining the Ageing and Stress Group at the University of Namur in Belgium. With the late Olivier Toussaint as my advisor, my work from 1999 to 2004 spanned molecular mechanisms of cellular senescence and responses to oxidative stress, evolutionary models of ageing, and analyses of gene networks.

Fascinated by the genome and by the opportunities its sequencing opened, I then did a postdoc from 2004 to 2008 with genomics pioneer George Church at Harvard Medical School in Boston, USA. Succinctly, we developed high-throughput approaches for studying ageing, including computational tools and databases, statistical models of mortality, methods for cell-based RNAi screens, and comparative genomics methods for investigating the evolution of longevity.

In 2008, I joined the University of Liverpool to develop my own group on genomic approaches to ageing. Our group was initially based in the School of Biological Sciences (which later became the Institute of Integrative Biology), and is now in the Institute of Ageing and Chronic Disease. We are world-leaders in employing genomics and bioinformatics to study ageing with pioneering work in studying gene networks of ageing and in sequencing and analyzing genomes from long-lived species. In our research activities we have established numerous national and international collaborations, including collaborations with clinicians, biotech companies and nonprofit organizations. Please browse this website for more information about our work and publications.

You can find more about me in my personal website. Full list of publications in publons and Google Scholar.

Current Lab Members

Name Join date Position E-mail (# = @) Web
Arda Akalan Oct 2021 PhD student
Gulam Altab Sep 2017 PhD student
Roberto Avelar Aug 2018 PhD student
Kasit Chatsirisupachai Feb 2018 PhD student
J Pedro de Magalhães Sep 2008 Professor URL
Thomas Duffield Aug 2019 PhD student
Jacob Edogbanya Feb 2017 PhD student
Rodrigo Guinea Mar 2021 Database curator
Cyril Lagger Aug 2019 Postdoc
Ines Lopes Jan 2019 Database curator; Masters student (2016-2017)
Gustavo Magdaleno Sep 2019 PhD student
Tushar Patel Feb 2021 Virtual intern
Govind Prakash Feb 2021 Virtual intern
Priyanka Raina Aug 2018 Postdoc

Maglab in 2018


Name Dates Position Current affiliation E-mail (# = @) Web
Naki Adjirackor 2009-2010 Undergrad student JD Healthcare Group
Sameer Alam 2015-2016 Undergrad student U Liverpool
Dominic Alcock 2016 Graduate intern
Andreja Anzic 2015 Undergrad student (from U Ljubljana) U Ljubljana
Natali Araujo 2015 Summer student Merck Brasil
Dominic Bennett 2015-2019 PhD student Randox Laboratories
Diogo Barardo 2014-2015 Masters student (from U Minho) PhD student, Yale-NUS C, Singapore
Charles Beckett Jun 2021 Summer student U Bath
Timothée Berçon 2019 Masters student (from U Clermont Auvergne) Université Clermont Auvergne
Sven Berres 2011 Undergrad student (from Bingen U) PhD student, MPI for Biophysical Chemistry
Olivia Butler 2015-2016 Undergrad student U Liverpool
Shaun Calvert 2012-2016 PhD student Eli Lilly
Viktoria Chatzipavli 2014-2015 Undergrad student
Conor Clafferty 2009 Summer student
Susan Clarke 2009-2010 Masters student (from U Exeter) U Exeter URL
Ben Cleary 2018 Masters student U Liverpool
Millie Clements 2017-2018 Undergrad student St George's U London
Rui Cordeiro 2010-2015 Research assistant; Undergrad + Masters student (from U Aveiro) Szent István U
Thomas Craig 2009-2014 Web programmer GeneMill URL
Augusto Cruz 2017-2018 Masters student (from U Porto) U Porto
Attila Csordas 2009-2010 Virtual intern EBI
Elizabeth Cummings 2013-2014 Undegrad student
João Curado 2007-2008 Undergrad student (from ESB) CRG, Barcelona
Amy Danson 2014 Summer student PhD student, Blizard Institute
Izabella de Lima 2016 Summer student UFMG
Eric de Sousa 2014-2015 Masters student (from U Lisbon) Champalimaud F
Aoife Doherty 2013-2017 Postdoc Nuritas
Lisa Downey 2012-2013 Undergrad student
Luisa Drummond 2016 Summer student UNICAMP
Halil Duman Jul 2021 Summer student Gebze TU
James Dunn 2015-2016 Undergrad student U Liverpool
Christa Eekhuis 2011-2012 Masters student (from Utrecht U) Zadkine Techniek College Rotterdam
Anais Equey 2020-2021 Research intern Karolinska Institute
Zoya Farooq 2018-2021 Database developer Veristat
Maria Fernandes 2014-2015 Masters student (from U Lisbon) PhD student, U Luxembourg
Fabio Ferreira 2013-2014 Masters student (from U Minho) PhD student, GABBA
Susana Ferreira 2014-2015 Masters student (from U Lisbon) U Lisbon
Thomas Findler 2020-2021 Undegrad student U Liverpool
Ana Fonseca 2009 Undergrad student (from ESB) IGC, Oeiras
Alex Freitas 2009-2010 Visiting scholar (U Kent) & Masters student Professor, U Kent URL
Emma Furphy 2013-2014 Undegrad student
Wendy Galvez 2014-2015 Masters student U Liverpool
Dale Gaskill 2012-2013 Masters student Recruitment Management Group
Pratul Ghosh 2010-2011 Virtual intern IISER-Kolkata
Aylin Gokmen Jun 2021 Summer student Bahcesehir U
Tjasa Grum 2015 Undergrad student (from U Ljubljana) U Ljubljana
Patrick Guest 2010-2011 Undergrad student PhD student, St Andrews
Nadia Hassen 2020-2021 Undegrad student U Liverpool
Emily Hesketh 2009-2010 Undergrad student Postdoc, Sanger I
Andrew Holmes 2009-2014 PhD student U Bristol
Jordan Humphries 2011-2012 Undergrad student
Edward Hutchings 2015-2016 Undergrad student U Liverpool
Maria Imram 2020 Wellcome PhD rotation student U Liverpool
Georges Janssens 2009 Masters student (from Utrecht U) Assist Prof, AMC Amsterdam
Emily Johnson 2016-2017 Database curator PhD student, U Liverpool
Kyriacos Karmiotis 2011-2012 Undergrad student
Stephane Kazmierczak 2014 Graduate intern BioAge Labs
Michael Keane 2011-2014 PhD student Irish Cattle Breeding Federation
Gerald Keil 2012 & 2013 Summer student Masters student, U Newcastle
Holly Knight 2012-2013 Undergrad student
Kirthiga Kumar 2010-2011 Masters student
Mengjia Li 2017-2018 Undergrad student U Liverpool
Xiaoyu Li 2018 Summer student U Liverpool
Yang Li 2008-2014 Virtual intern; Masters student (2009-2010) Assist Prof, Chicago U URL
Chris Lofthouse 2014 Postdoc KPMG UK
Joana Lourenço 2010 Summer student REQUIMTE
Jiuchen Ma 2020-2021 Undegrad student U Liverpool
Saara Marttila 2018-2019 Postdoc U Tampere
André Macedo 2010-2012 Masters student (from U Lisbon) DKFZ
Tom Marlow 2018-2019 Undergrad student U Liverpool
Nurulfiza Mat Isa 2011-2012 Postdoc Lecturer, Universiti Putra Malaysia
Alex Matsuda 2007-2008 Undergrad student (from ESB) Brigham & Women's H
Ashley Mckenna 2010-2011 Undergrad student
Flora Mikaeloff 2020 PhD student (from Karolinska Institute) Karolinska Institute URL
Ricardo Miragaia 2012 Graduate intern PhD student, MIT Portugal
Phoebe Mills 2019-2020 Undergrad student U Liverpool
Gianni Monaco 2013-2017 PhD student Universitatsspital Basel
Patrick Monteiro 2015 Summer student UFPA
Gerard Muntane 2017 Visiting postdoc (UPF) Universitat Pompeu Fabra
Alexander Murray 2018 Masters student PhD student, U Warwick
Guy Novoa 2019 Graduate intern U Autónoma de Madrid
Caolan O' Carroll 2009 Summer student
Javier Ortega 2016-2017 Masters student
Daniel Palmer 2017-2020 Postdoc Rostock U
Wenlan Pan 2018-2019 Undergrad student U Liverpool
Venkatesh Patel 2011 Summer intern Genome International Corp
Rudolfs Petrovs 2017 Undergrad student (from U Latvia) U Latvia
Francisco Pinho 2013 Graduate intern U Aveiro
Mario Pinto 2013 PhD student (from U Seville) Postdoc, U Oxford
Pedro Pinto 2012-2013 Graduate intern U Aveiro
Michael Plank 2009-2010 Diploma student (from U Vienna) Postdoc, U Geneva
Sarah Power 2012-2013 Undergrad student
Christopher Pyes 2018 Summer student Bowling Green SU
Ashish Rajput 2013 Virtual intern PhD student, U Gottingen
Joao Ribeiro 2013 Masters student (from U Minho)
Simon Richardson 2012-2013 Graduate intern
Ulrike Rieprecht 2018 Summer student Freie U Berlin
Joanne Rigby 2009-2010 Undergrad student
Kathryn Robert 2010-2011 Undergrad student
Neidy Rodrigues 2012 Masters student (from U Aveiro) PhD student, IMM, Lisbon
Shraddha Sankhe 2009-2010 Virtual intern U Leicester
Samim Sharifi 2015 Masters student (from U Amsterdam) PhD student, Leibniz I on Aging
Samuel Shields 2017 Wellcome PhD rotation student PhD student, U Liverpool
A Sofia Silva 2010 Summer student Postdoc, U Aveiro
Daniel Simionica 2016-2017 Undergrad student U Liverpool
Xiaolei Song 2016-2017 Undergrad student U Liverpool
Henry Stanley 2011 Graduate intern Pivotal Software URL
Michael Stevens 2015-2016 Postdoc Postdoc, U Geneva
Mark Stevenson 2015 Web programmer MMK Digital
Soren Stirling 2009-2011 Undergrad student (from OU) Birkbeck C
Robi Tacutu 2011-2016 Postdoc PI, Institute of Biochemistry, Romania URL
Rute Teixeira 2010-2011 Masters student (from U Lisbon) PhD student, BioISI
Daniela Tejada Martinez 2018-2019 PhD student (from U Austral de Chile) U Austral de Chile
Louise Thompson 2015 Wellcome PhD rotation student PhD student, U Liverpool
Harikrishnan Thoppil 2015 Summer student PhD student, U Calgary
Daniel Thornton 2015-2018 Web programmer Aire Logic
Manuel Trauner 2018 Graduate intern Apollo Ventures
Sipko van Dam 2009-2015 PhD student; Masters student (2009-2010) Postdoc, U Groningen
Blaine Van Rensburg 2020 Summer student U Warwick
Ana Viegas 2013-2018 PhD student (from U Coimbra) U Coimbra
Davide Vitiello 2020 Masters student (from ETH Zurich) ETH Zurich
Chintan Vora 2009 Virtual intern Thermo Fisher
Ellice Wakelin 2017-2018 Undergrad student U Liverpool
Jingwei Wang 2013-2017 PhD student Sanger I
Imogen Webb 2014-2015 Undergrad student U Liverpool
Charlotte Whitehouse 2010-2011 Undergrad student Calor Gas
Pooi-Fong Wong 2014-2015 Visiting scholar (U Malaya) Assoc Prof, U Malaya URL
Shona Wood 2010-2013 Postdoc Assist Prof, U Tromso URL
Daniel Wuttke 2009-2014 PhD student SENS Research Foundation
Chenhao Yang 2013 Summer student BSK BioPharma
Zaki Yunsi 2011-2012 Undergrad student
Jian Zhang 2011-2012 Undergrad student
Bruce Zhang 2019 Summer student UCL
Xiaoping Zhang 2016 Summer student St. Olaf College
Jia Zheng 2016-2017 Undergrad student U Liverpool

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