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Lab Meetings

2021 (* = next meeting)

Date Time Location Speaker(s) Title/topic
Tue, Jan 5 13:00-14:00 Online Group discussion
Tue, Jan 19 13:00-14:00 Online Gustavo Gene homologs, machine learning and caloric restriction
Tue, Jan 26 13:00-14:00 Online Thomas Order and disorder in DNA and epigenetics
Tue, Feb 2 13:00-14:00 Online Priyanka GeneFriends 2021
Tue, Feb 16 13:00-14:00 Online Ines In love with data & databases
Tue, Feb 23 13:00-14:00 Online Kasit A tale of cancer and ageing
Tue, Mar 2 13:00-14:00 Online Daniel P Ageing transcriptomics
Tue, Mar 16 13:00-14:00 Online Gulam Big, small and micro RNAs in muscle ageing
Tue, Mar 23 13:00-14:00 Online Jacob C1ORF112 structure, expression and functions
Tue, Apr 6 13:00-14:00 Online Group discussion
Tue, Apr 13 13:00-14:00 Online Roberto Spring cleaning of old senescent cells
Tue, Apr 20 13:00-14:00 Online Cyril The social network of cells during ageing
Tue, Apr 27 13:00-14:00 Online Zoya Servers, databases and software
Tue, May 4 13:00-14:00 Online Gustavo Teaching machines to learn about ageing
Tue, May 11 13:00-14:00 Online Govind and Tushar Epigenetic regulators during ageing
Tue, May 18 13:00-14:00 Online Thomas From chaos, comes order: entropy in epigenetics and ageing
Tue, May 25 13:00-14:00 Online Group discussion
Tue, Jun 1 13:00-14:00 Online Priyanka
Tue, Jun 8 13:00-14:00 Online Ines
Tue, Jun 15 13:00-14:00 Online Kasit
Tue, Jun 22 13:00-14:00 Online Gulam
Tue, Jun 29 13:00-14:00 Online Rodrigo
Tue, Jul 6 13:00-14:00 Online Jacob
Tue, Jul 13 13:00-14:00 Online Group discussion


Date Time Location Speaker(s) Title/topic
Wed, Jan 8 14:00-15:00 Room 279 Thomas A new theory of ageing for a new year
Wed, Jan 15 14:00-15:00 Room 279 Kasit Using omics to unravel the links between cancer and ageing
Wed, Jan 29 14:00-15:00 Room 279 Ines Why are some genes longer than others?
Wed, Feb 5 14:00-15:00 Room 279 Daniel P The last signature of ageing
Wed, Feb 12 14:00-15:00 Room 279 Flora Mikaeloff (visitor) HIV and ageing
Wed, Feb 26 14:00-15:00 Room 279 Jacob C1ORF112 in cells, mice and humans
Wed, Mar 4 14:00-15:00 Room 279 Roberto What does cell senescence have to do with anything?
Wed, Mar 18 14:00-15:00 Room 279 Priyanka Genes, friends and RNA
Wed, Mar 25 14:00-15:00 Online Group discussion (in isolation)
Wed, Apr 1 14:00-15:00 Online Cyril scRNA-seq and ageing: Fool's gold vs. real gold
Wed, Apr 8 14:00-15:00 Online Pedro What if what we think we know about ageing is wrong?
Wed, Apr 15 14:00-15:00 Online Gustavo When machines rule the world (and solve ageing)
Wed, Apr 22 14:00-15:00 Online Thomas Genetic and epigenetic changes in ageing
Wed, Apr 29 14:00-15:00 Online Kasit An integrative genomic analysis of ageing and cancer
Wed, May 6 14:00-15:00 Online Zoya Giving birth to a database
Wed, May 13 14:00-15:00 Online Ines Genes, gene size and databases
Wed, May 20 ILCaMS webinar (no lab meeting)
Wed, May 27 14:00-15:00 Online Gulam Inflammation and ageing
Wed, Jun 3 14:00-15:00 Online Jacob Bioinformatics analysis of C1ORF112
Wed, Jun 10 14:00-15:00 Online Roberto Senescent cells: the root of all aging?
Wed, Jun 17 SEARG meeting (no lab meeting)
Wed, Jun 24 14:00-15:00 Online Priyanka Co-expression analyses for this and for that
Wed, Jul 1 14:00-15:00 Online Cyril To communicate or not to communicate, that is the single (cell) question
Wed, Jul 8 14:00-15:00 Online Gustavo Machine learning to make sense of health and ageing
Wed, Jul 15 14:00-15:00 Online Thomas The epigenetic code
Wed, Jul 29 14:00-15:00 Online Kasit Mutating mutations mutate cancer
Wed, Aug 5 14:00-15:00 Online Group discussion
Wed, Aug 12 14:00-15:00 Online Ines The summer of genetics
Wed, Aug 19 14:00-15:00 Online Dhanach The molecular signature of the ageing retina
Wed, Aug 26 14:00-15:00 Online Gulam To code or not to code an RNA, that is the question in muscle ageing
Wed, Sep 2 ARDD meeting (no lab meeting)
Wed, Sep 9 14:00-15:00 Online Group discussion
Wed, Sep 16 14:00-15:00 Online Jacob Emerging roles of C1ORF112 in cells
Wed, Sep 23 14:00-15:00 Online Roberto Single senescent cells
Wed, Sep 30 14:00-15:00 Online Cyril Single sequences looking for purpose in old mice
Wed, Oct 7 14:00-15:00 Online Gustavo Machines learn about health from caloric restriction
Tue, Oct 13 13:00-14:00 Online Group discussion
Tue, Oct 20 13:00-14:00 Online Thomas Epigenetic changes and ageing
Tue, Oct 27 13:00-14:00 Online Priyanka GeneFriends: the next generation
Tue, Nov 3 13:00-14:00 Online Kasit How with time a cancer cell can overrun a body
Tue, Nov 10 13:00-14:00 Online Ines Updating updated data
Tue, Nov 24 13:00-14:00 Online Gulam Honey, I shrunk the RNAs
Tue, Dec 1 13:00-14:00 Online Jacob C1ORF112 in damaged cells
Tue, Dec 8 13:00-14:00 Online Roberto Senescent cells: the root of all evil?
Tue, Dec 15 13:00-14:00 Online Cyril Decoding the message in single-cell sequences from old mice
Tue, Dec 22 13:00-14:00 Online Group chat with virtual mince pies
Tue, Dec 29 Christmas break (no lab meeting)


Date Time Location Speaker(s) Title/topic
Wed, Jan 9 13:00-14:00 Room 279 Group discussion
Wed, Jan 16 13:00-14:00 Room 279 Daniela New Year, New Genomes, New Results
Wed, Jan 23 13:00-14:00 Room 279 Pedro Lab plans for the next 100 years
Wed, Feb 6 13:00-14:00 Room 279 Kasit Cancer, cell senescence and ageing: Transcriptomic links
Wed, Feb 20 13:00-14:00 Room 279 Jacob The world of C1ORF112
Wed, Feb 27 13:00-14:00 Room 279 Dominic The last of the summer worms
Wed, Mar 6 13:00-14:00 Room 279 Gulam RNA-seq for untangling muscle ageing
Wed, Mar 13 13:00-14:00 Room 279 Saara lncRNAs for this and for that
Tue, Mar 26 13:00-14:00 Room 279 Roberto A multi-dimensional analysis of cell senescence
Wed, Apr 10 13:00-14:00 Room 279 Priyanka Revamping GeneFriends to make more friends
Wed, Apr 17 13:00-14:00 Room 279 Zoya Spring cleaning HAGR
Wed, Apr 24 13:00-14:00 Room 279 Daniel P Ageing signatures for everything
Wed, May 1 14:00-15:00 Room 279 Tom & Wenlan Honours project presentations
Wed, May 22 13:00-14:00 Room 279 Ines Dogs, genes size and ageing
Wed, May 29 13:00-14:00 Room 279 Kasit Tissue-specific links between cancer and ageing
Wed, Jun 5 13:00-14:00 Room 279 Jacob C1ORF112 functions in health and disease
Wed, Jun 12 13:00-14:00 Room 279 Saara Epilogue: lncRNAs and ageing
Wed, Jun 19 13:00-14:00 Room 279 Asan Akpan (visitor) Clinical ageing research challenges
Wed, Jul 3 14:00-15:00 Room 279 Roberto Cell senescence genes and signatures everywhere
Wed, Jul 17 14:00-15:00 Room 279 Gulam Prioritizing non-coding RNAs in muscle ageing
Wed, Jul 24 14:00-15:00 Room 279 Priyanka Genes and their transcriptional friendships
Wed, Aug 14 14:00-15:00 Room 279 Group discussion
Wed, Aug 28 14:00-15:00 Room 279 Zoya A world of databases
Wed, Sep 4 14:00-15:00 Room 279 Daniel P Rise of the machines against ageing
Wed, Sep 11 14:00-15:00 Room 279 Kasit Cancer in young and old patients
Wed, Sep 18 14:00-15:00 Room 279 Ines Gene size matters
Wed, Sep 25 14:00-15:00 Room 279 Jacob PhD: The Final Destination
Wed, Oct 9 14:00-15:00 Room 279 Roberto Senescent cells here, there and everywhere
Wed, Oct 16 15:00-16:00 Room 279 Priyanka Gene co-expression analysis for everything
Wed, Oct 23 14:00-15:00 Room 279 Group discussion
Wed, Nov 6 Lawrence Rajendran seminar (no lab meeting)
Wed, Nov 13 14:00-15:00 Room 279 Cyril Single cell sequencing and ageing
Wed, Nov 20 14:00-15:00 Room 279 Gulam Muscle ageing and non-coding RNAs
Wed, Nov 27 14:00-15:00 Room 279 Thomas Machine learning to determine tissue ageing
Fri, Dec 6 14:00-15:00 Room 279 Gustavo Understanding life extension with AI
Wed, Dec 18 14:00-15:00 Room 279 Zoya All I want for Christmas is a bug-free database that solves ageing
Wed, Dec 25 Christmas break (no lab meeting)


Date Time Location Speaker(s) Title/topic
Wed, Jan 10 13:00-14:00 Room 279 Group discussion
Wed, Jan 17 13:00-14:00 Room 279 Dominic A wormy New Year
Wed, Jan 31 13:00-14:00 Room 279 Daniel P Analysis of tissue-specific ageing signatures
Wed, Feb 7 13:00-14:00 Room 279 Jacob A multidisciplinary analysis for a new cancer gene
Wed, Feb 14 13:00-14:00 Room 279 Daniel T An everlasting love for databases
Wed, Mar 7 13:00-14:00 Room 279 Dominic Worms on drugs
Wed, Mar 21 13:00-14:00 Room 279 Group discussion
Wed, Apr 4 13:00-14:00 Room 279 Ben & Alexander Masters project presentations
Wed, Apr 11 13:00-14:00 Room 279 Daniela Evolutionary genomics of longevity and cancer
Wed, Apr 18 North West DNA Repair Network Meeting (no lab meeting)
Wed, May 2 13:00-14:00 Room 279 Ellice & Mengjia Honours project presentations
Wed, May 9 13:00-14:00 Room 279 Daniel P Molecular signatures of ageing
Wed, May 16 13:00-14:00 Room 279 Jacob Unravelling the functions of a new cancer-related gene
Wed, May 23 13:00-14:00 Room 279 Gulam Studying non-coding RNAs in muscle ageing
Wed, Jun 6 13:00-14:00 Room 279 Daniel T Predictions from cell senescence gene networks
Tue, Jun 19 13:00-14:00 Room 294 Kasit Cancer and ageing: Dangerous liaisons
Wed, Jul 4 13:00-14:00 Room 279 Dominic Give us long-lived worms or give us death
Wed, Jul 18 13:00-14:00 Room 279 Alexander Frozen flies
Wed, Jul 25 13:00-14:00 Room 279 Saara Linking gene regulation to ageing with lncRNAs
Wed, Aug 8 13:00-14:00 Room 279 Daniela The evolution of cancer genes
Wed, Aug 29 13:00-14:00 Room 279 Group discussion
Wed, Sep 12 13:00-14:00 Room 279 Daniel P Machine learning predictions of new cognitive ageing genes
Wed, Sep 19 13:00-14:00 Room 279 Jacob Understanding the unknown: C1ORF112
Wed, Oct 3 13:00-14:00 Room 279 Gulam Muscle, ageing and non-coding RNAs
Wed, Oct 10 13:00-14:00 Room 279 Daniel T Data, databases & data analysis in ageing
Wed, Oct 24 14:00-15:00 Room 279 Kasit Ageing & cancer: Friends or foes?
Wed, Oct 31 14:00-15:00 Room 279 Dominic Ghostly worms scare old scientists with new results
Wed, Nov 14 13:00-14:00 Room 279 Saara The world of non-coding RNAs
Wed, Nov 21 13:00-14:00 Room 279 Daniela Cancer genes here, there and everywhere
Wed, Nov 28 13:00-14:00 Room 279 Roberto Cell senescence in ageing and disease
Wed, Dec 5 13:00-14:00 Room 279 Priyanka My budding friendship with GeneFriends
Wed, Dec 12 13:00-14:00 Room 279 Daniel P Man vs machine: Who can solve ageing?
Wed, Dec 26 Christmas break (no lab meeting)


Date Time Location Speaker(s) Title/topic
Tue, Jan 10 13:00-14:00 Room 279 Group discussion
Tue, Jan 17 13:00-14:00 Room 279 Emily Database curation challenges and progress
Tue, Jan 31 13:00-14:00 Room 279 Ines RNA-seq data analysis
Tue, Feb 14 14:00-15:00 G294 Javier What does cell senescence in naked mole-rats have to do with ageing?
Tue, Feb 28 13:00-14:00 Room 279 Daniel Everything you ever wanted to know (but were afraid to ask) about databases
Tue, Mar 7 13:00-14:00 Room 279 Gianni Deconvolution of transcriptional profiling data
Tue, Mar 21 12:00-13:00 SR2, Life Sciences Dominic Worms, hypertension and epigenetics
Tue, Mar 28 13:00-14:00 Room 279 Aoife Ageing analyses and meta-analyses
Tue, Apr 11 13:00-14:00 Room 279 Jingwei How to wrap up a PhD project in 10 easy steps
Tue, Apr 25 13:00-14:00 Room 279 Emily New data, new databases, new analyses
Tue, May 2 13:00-14:00 Room 279 Daniel, Jia & Xiaolei Honours project presentations
Tue, May 9 13:00-14:00 Room 279 Pedro Cryonics: fantasy or a bridge to the future?
Tue, May 16 13:00-14:00 Room 279 Rudolfs New tools for old databases
Tue, May 23 13:00-14:00 Room 279 Javier Cell senescence network analysis
Tue, May 30 13:00-14:00 Room 279 Ines mRNA and miRNA dances in stimulated cells
Tue, Jun 6 13:00-14:00 Room 279 Jacob Functional predictions for a new cancer-related gene
Tue, Jun 20 13:00-14:00 Room 279 Daniel New tools and buccaneers in HAGR
Tue, Jun 27 13:00-14:00 Room 279 Gianni Gene expression analysis of immune cells
Tue, Jul 11 BSRA 2017 in Exeter (no lab meeting)
Tue, Jul 18 13:00-14:00 Room 279 Aoife Data-mining ageing signatures
Tue, Aug 1 13:00-14:00 Room 279 Group Discussion
Tue, Aug 22 13:00-14:00 Room 279 Emily HAGR update
Tue, Sep 5 13:00-14:00 Room 279 Dominic New modulators of ageing in worms
Wed, Sep 13 13:00-14:00 Room 279 Big findings from recent small and large meetings
Tue, Sep 19 13:00-14:00 Room 279 Jingwei New analyses for an old thesis
Wed, Oct 4 13:00-14:00 Room 279 Javier A systems biology approach to cell senescence
Wed, Oct 18 13:00-14:00 Room 279 Jacob New cell experiments for a new cancer gene
Wed, Nov 1 13:00-14:00 Room 279 Daniel T Ageing online databases and tools
Wed, Nov 15 13:00-14:00 Room 279 Group Discussion
Wed, Nov 29 Musculoskeletal Biology Science Day (no lab meeting)
Wed, Dec 6 13:00-14:00 Room 279 Samuel Finding new cell senescence regulators
Tue, Dec 12 14:00-15:00 Room 179 Gianni Immune cells transcriptomics
Wed, Dec 27 Christmas break (no lab meeting)


Date Time Location Speaker(s) Title/topic
Thu, Jan 7 13:00-14:00 Committee Room Group discussion
Thu, Jan 21 13:00-14:00 Committee Room Aoife Dogs, old people, cancer and genes
Thu, Jan 28 13:00-14:00 Committee Room Daniel The DrugAge database
Thu, Feb 4 Workshop on Tissue Engineering (no lab meeting)
Thu, Feb 18 13:00-14:00 Committee Room Jingwei Genetic variability and disease-associated loci
Thu, Feb 25 13:00-14:00 Committee Room Group discussion
Thu, Mar 3 13:00-14:00 Committee Room Robi The scientific story of my life
Thu, Mar 24 13:00-14:00 Committee Room Michael Finding signals in complex genetic data
Thu, Apr 7 13:00-14:00 Committee Room Dominic A new class of life-extending drugs
Thu, Apr 21 13:00-14:00 Committee Room Aoife Cancer-related genes in old dogs and in old folks
Thu, May 5 13:00-14:00 Committee Room Sameer, Olivia, James & Edward Honours project presentations
Thu, May 12 13:00-14:00 Room 279 Pedro Key findings from the St. Petersburg longevity conference
Thu, May 19 14:00-15:00 Committee Room Shaun A stress-free plan for studying stress
Thu, May 26 Research and Innovation Showcase (no lab meeting)
Thu, Jun 9 13:00-14:00 Room 279 Daniel Drugs, genes and databases
Thu, Jun 16 13:00-14:00 Room 279 Jingwei Genetic discovery for diseases of young and old
Thu, Jun 23 Apex Building Official Opening (no lab meeting)
Thu, Jul 7 13:00-14:00 Room 279 Michael Finding longevity genes in small and large cohorts
Thu, Jul 14 13:00-14:00 Room 279 Vladimir Botchkarev (visitor) Epigenetic regulation of skin development, regeneration and ageing
Thu, Jul 21 13:00-14:00 Room 279 Dominic Worms, genes and hypertension
Thu, Aug 4 14:00-15:00 Room 279 Izabella & Luisa Genes, mouse survival and cancer in wild animals
Thu, Aug 18 13:00-14:00 Room 279 Group discussion
Thu, Sep 1 13:00-14:00 Room 279 Aoife Ageing signatures
Thu, Sep 8 13:00-14:00 Room 279 Shaun Wrapping up naked cells
Tue, Sep 20 13:00-14:00 Room 279 Michael Prospects in the genetics of human ageing
Tue, Oct 4 13:00-14:00 Room 279 Dominic Alcock Research plans to conquer ageing
Tue, Oct 11 13:00-14:00 Room 279 Pedro Key findings from the CSHL meeting and future lab plans
Tue, Oct 25 13:00-14:00 Room 279 Daniel Data integration and visualization
Tue, Nov 1 13:00-14:00 Room 279 Jingwei GWAS, genetic diversity and longevity
Tue, Nov 15 13:00-14:00 Room 279 Dominic Autophagy as a mediator of life-extending drugs
Tue, Nov 29 13:00-14:00 Room 179 Gianni Papers from Singapore
Tue, Dec 6 13:00-14:00 Room 279 Aoife Gene expression signatures of ageing
Tue, Dec 13 13:00-14:00 Room 279 Pedro New Year resolutions for a long scientific life
Tue, Dec 27 Christmas break (no lab meeting)


Date Time Location Speaker(s) Title/topic
Thu, Jan 8 13:00-14:00 SR3 Group discussion
Thu, Jan 22 13:00-14:00 Committee Room Jingwei Beyond the genetics of human longevity
Thu, Jan 29 13:00-14:00 Committee Room Pooi-Fong Circulating miRNAs in acute coronary syndrome
Thu, Feb 5 13:00-14:00 SR3 Maria Overlap in genetics of ageing and age-related diseases
Thu, Feb 12 13:00-14:00 SR3 Diogo Genetic interactions in human phenotypes
Mon, Feb 23 13:00-14:00 SR1 Sarah Characterization and exploitation of a novel cancer-related gene
Thu, Mar 12 13:00-14:00 SR3 Shaun DNA damage responses in naked mole-rats
Thu, Mar 19 13:00-14:00 SR3 Susana Finding signatures of cell senescence
Thu, Mar 26 13:00-14:00 SR3 Rui Insights on cryoprotectant toxicity from gene expression profiling
Thu, Apr 2 13:00-14:00 SR3 Eric RNA-seq analysis for this and that
Thu, Apr 9 13:00-14:00 SR3 Javier Iglesias (visitor) Bioenergetics in Parkinson's disease models
Wed, Apr 15 13:00-14:00 SR3 Louise Lessons learned from dying mice
Thu, Apr 30 13:00-14:00 SR3 Aoife Copying genes for a longer life
Thu, May 7 13:00-14:00 SR1 Robi Some genes, more genes, other genes, and ageing
Thu, May 21 13:00-14:00 SR17 Sipko Co-expression analysis: Is it as good as advertised?
Thu, Jun 4 13:00-14:00 SR17 Jingwei The influence of genetic diversity on association studies
Thu, Jun 11 13:00-14:00 SR17 Sam The short lives of tiny crawlers
Thu, Jun 18 13:00-14:00 SR17 Maria Aging and disease relationships from a genetic perspective
Thu, Jun 25 13:00-14:00 SR17 Rui Cryopreservation, cancer genes and furry animals
Thu, Jul 9 13:00-14:00 SR17 Eric Insights from transcriptome sequencing
Thu, Jul 16 13:00-14:00 SR17 Susana Replicative senescence gene expression signatures
Wed, Jul 22 13:00-14:00 SR17 Sam & Harikrishnan Worms & drugs
Wed, Aug 5 13:00-14:00 SR17 Sarah The mysterious BC gene
Thu, Aug 13 13:00-14:00 SR17 Patrick & Natali DrugAge database of ageing-related drugs
Thu, Aug 20 13:00-14:00 SR17 Shaun Growing cells, dividing cells, stressed cells
Thu, Aug 27 13:00-14:00 SR17 Michael Secrets of the super long-lived
Thu, Sep 3 13:00-14:00 SR17 Danielle Newby (visitor) Can we find out about ageing using chemical compounds?
Thu, Sep 10 13:00-14:00 SR17 Diogo & Wendy Drugs, genes, cancer and a Masters thesis
Thu, Sep 17 13:00-14:00 SR17 Sipko A brief history of co-expression
Thu, Oct 1 13:00-14:00 SR17 Aoife Genes for cancer, ageing and longevity
Thu, Oct 15 13:00-14:00 SR1 Jingwei Genetic heterogeneity across the genome
Wed, Oct 28 13:00-14:00 SR1 Michael Genetic and genomic determinants of extreme human longevity
Thu, Nov 12 13:00-14:00 SR3 Robi Networks past and future
Thu, Nov 26 13:00-14:00 SR3 Shaun Mice and mole-rats
Thu, Dec 10 Musculoskeletal Biology Science Day at Aintree Racecourse (no lab meeting)
Thu, Dec 17 14:00-15:00 SR4 Dominic Mechanisms of drugs extending lifespan
Thu, Dec 24 Christmas break (no lab meeting)


Date Time Location Speaker(s) Title/topic
Wed, Jan 8 13:00-14:00 SR17 Thomas Everyone loves databases
Wed, Jan 15 13:00-14:00 Committee Room Jingwei Insights from human longevity genetic studies
Wed, Jan 29 13:00-14:00 SR17 Sipko (RNA) friends will be friends
Wed, Feb 5 13:00-14:00 SR17 Gianni Integrating ageing immune system data
Wed, Feb 12 13:00-14:00 SR17 Fabio Genes mediating life-extending drugs in worms
Wed, Feb 19 13:00-14:00 SR17 Michael Adaptive changes in genes from long-lived beasts
Wed, Mar 5 14:00-15:00 Committee Room Shaun Stressing naked mole-rat cells
Wed, Mar 12 13:00-14:00 SR17 Group discussion
Wed, Mar 19 Carole Proctor seminar (no lab meeting)
Wed, Mar 26 13:00-14:00 SR17 Rui Cool genes
Wed, Apr 2 13:00-14:00 SR17 Robi Hermaphrodites, drugs and gene expression
Wed, Apr 16 13:00-14:00 SR17 Aoife Genetics of age-related cancer development
Wed, Apr 30 13:00-14:00 SR17 Elizabeth & Emma Honours project presentations
Wed, May 7 13:00-14:00 SR17 Jingwei Hidden signals in longevity association studies
Wed, May 14 14:00-15:00 SR17 Thomas Ruling the virtual world
Thu, May 29 13:00-14:00 SR17 Sipko Tools for RNA-seq analysis
Wed, Jun 4 13:00-14:00 SR17 Gianni Evolution of co-expression gene networks
Tue, Jun 17 13:00-14:00 SR1 Michael Massive sequencing of a massive animal
Tue, Jun 24 13:00-14:00 SR17 Shaun Stressed out over stressed cells
Tue, Jul 1 13:00-14:00 SR17 Rui Genes for cold and for cryoprotectant toxicity
Tue, Jul 15 13:00-14:00 SR17 Aoife Cancer and ageing: A genetic epidemiology approach
Tue, Jul 22 13:00-14:00 SR17 Robi New systems biology applications in ageing
Tue, Aug 5 13:00-14:00 SR17 Fabio Worms and aging: Now you live long, now you don't
Tue, Aug 19 13:00-14:00 TR13 Sipko GeneFriends 2
Tue, Sep 2 13:00-14:00 SR17 Jingwei Biases in human longevity genetic studies
Tue, Sep 16 13:00-14:00 SR17 Thomas Databases: the good, the bad and the ugly
Fri, Sep 26 14:00-15:00 TR13 Gianni Insights from gene co-expression evolution
Thu, Oct 9 13:00-14:00 TR13 Key findings from recent conferences all over Europe
Tue, Oct 21 13:00-14:00 TR13 Shaun Rats, RNA and stress
Tue, Nov 4 13:00-14:00 TR13 Rui Of frozen genes and cancer genes
Tue, Nov 11 13:00-14:00 TR13 Aoife Genes associated with cancer in old age
Thu, Nov 20 13:00-14:00 SR1 Pedro The PI's speech
Thu, Dec 4 13:00-14:00 SR1 Robi Insights on ageing from network analyses
Thu, Dec 18 13:00-14:00 SR1 Sipko GeneFriends, transcriptional regulation and beyond
Thu, Dec 25 Christmas break (no lab meeting)


Date Time Location Speaker(s) Title/topic
Thu, Jan 10 13:00-14:00 Committee Room Group discussion
Thu, Jan 17 13:00-14:00 Committee Room Shona Neuroprotective microRNAs
Thu, Jan 24 13:00-14:00 Committee Room Pedro Miguel A cancer-related gene in a non-cancer cell line
Thu, Jan 31 13:00-14:00 Committee Room Dale Statistical assessment of aging rates in mutant mice
Thu, Feb 14 13:00-14:00 Committee Room Sipko A co-expression map from RNA-seq data
Thu, Feb 21 13:00-14:00 Committee Room Shaun Worms, genes and drugs
Thu, Mar 7 14:00-15:00 Committee Room Michael Analysing genomes of long-lived species
Thu, Mar 21 13:00-14:00 Committee Room Rui Cryoprotectant toxicity mechanisms
Thu, Mar 28 13:00-14:00 SR1 Group discussion
Thu, Apr 4 13:00-14:00 Committee Room Robi Bioinformatics, networks and ageing
Thu, Apr 18 13:00-14:00 Committee Room Pedro Miguel Impact of C1ORF112 on the cell cycle
Thu, Apr 25 11:30-12:00 Committee Room Shona miRNAs in brain cells
Thu, May 2 13:00-14:00 Committee Room Lisa, Holly & Sarah Honours project presentations
Thu, May 9 13:00-14:00 Committee Room Thomas The Digital Ageing Atlas and other resources
Thu, May 16 13:00-14:00 Committee Room Andrew Key genes in metabolic mutants
Thu, May 23 12:00-13:00 Committee Room Francisco Studying the gene product of C1ORF112
Thu, Jun 6 13:00-14:00 SR2 Ana miRNAs and neurodegenerative diseases
Thu, Jun 13 13:00-14:00 SR2 Sipko RNA-seq data for everything
Thu, Jun 20 13:00-14:00 SR2 Shaun Worms, drugs and ageing
Thu, Jun 27 13:00-14:00 SR2 Michael Genomes, evolution and longevity
Thu, Jul 11 13:00-14:00 SR2 Robi Network biology of ageing
Thu, Jul 18 13:00-14:00 SR2 Joao The evolution of gene co-expression
Thu, Jul 25 13:00-14:00 SR2 Mario Studying the C1ORF112 protein
Thu, Aug 8 13:00-14:00 SR3 Group discussion
Thu, Aug 22 13:00-14:00 SR3 Jingwei Analysis of human longevity-associated genes
Thu, Aug 29 13:00-14:00 SR3 Thomas The LongevityMap, LibAge and other web resources
Thu, Sep 5 SENS 6 Conference in Cambridge (no lab meeting)
Thu, Sep 12 13:00-14:00 SR3 Rui Microarrays for cryopreservation and for C1ORF112
Thu, Sep 26 13:00-14:00 TR13 Key findings from recent conferences in Rostock and Cambridge
Thu, Oct 3 13:00-14:00 TR9 Demetris Time-evolution of human mortality dynamics
Thu, Oct 10 13:00-14:00 SR4 Sipko It's an RNA world
Thu, Oct 17 13:00-14:00 SR4 Chris (clinical sciences) Genetics of cancer in dogs
Wed, Oct 23 13:00-14:00 Committee Room Shaun When worms and naked mole-rats collide
Wed, Oct 30 13:00-14:00 Committee Room Michael Whales, naked mole-rats and the evolution of longevity
Wed, Nov 6 13:00-14:00 SR6 Francesco Falciani et al. Group discussion
Wed, Nov 20 13:00-14:00 SR6 Robi Networks for this and for that
Wed, Dec 4 13:00-14:00 SR6 Rui Functional genomics of cryopreservation
Wed, Dec 11 13:00-14:00 SR6 David Clancy (visitor) Flies, genes and ageing
Wed, Dec 18 13:00-14:00 SR6 Aoife Gene duplications and longevity
Wed, Dec 25 Christmas break (no lab meeting)


Date Time Location Speaker(s) Title/topic
Thu, Jan 12 13:00-14:00 SR17 Sipko Unraveling transcriptional regulation with co-expression data
Thu, Jan 19 13:00-14:00 SR17 Rui Functional characterization of an unannotated gene
Thu, Feb 2 13:00-14:00 SR17 Andrew RNA, mice and rats
Thu, Feb 9 Seminar at Buckingham (no lab meeting)
Thu, Feb 23 13:00-14:00 SR17 Thomas Consolidating the lab's IT and online presence
Thu, Mar 1 13:00-14:00 SR17 Shona Studying dietary manipulations of ageing with NGS
Thu, Mar 8 13:00-14:00 SR17 Robi GenAge and beyond
Thu, Mar 15 13:00-14:00 SR17 Michael Data-mining aging brain data
Thu, Mar 22 13:00-14:00 SR17 Nurulfiza Aging of the thymus
Thu, Mar 29 13:00-14:00 SR17 Christa CR mimetics in worms
Thu, Apr 12 13:00-14:00 SR17 Andre DNA damage resistance in naked mole-rats
Thu, Apr 19 13:00-14:00 SR17 Ricardo Mole-rats, dogs and the genetics of ageing
Thu, Apr 26 14:00-15:00 SR17 Pedro Findings from the Genetics of Aging and Longevity Conference
Thu, May 3 13:00-14:00 SR17 Jordan, Kyriacos & Jian Honours project presentations
Thu, May 10 13:00-14:00 SR17 Rui In vitro analyses of a candidate cancer-related gene
Thu, May 17 13:00-14:00 SR17 Andrew From gene expression to phenotype in mutant mice
Thu, May 24 13:00-14:00 SR17 Sipko Comparing mammalian co-expression maps
Thu, Jun 7 13:00-14:00 SR17 Shona Interpreting RNA-seq data from multiple conditions
Thu, Jun 14 13:00-14:00 SR17 Thomas New interfaces for everything
Thu, Jun 28 13:00-14:00 SR17 Robi What to do with so many longevity-associated genes?
Thu, Jul 5 13:00-14:00 SR17 Ricardo & Gerald Genes, bioinformatics and ageing
Thu, Jul 19 13:00-14:00 Committee Room Michael Bioinformatics approaches to decipher age-onset phenotypes
Thu, Aug 2 13:00-14:00 Committee Room Christa Longevity drugs in worms
Thu, Aug 16 13:00-14:00 Committee Room Nurulfiza Deciphering transcriptional ageing changes in the thymus
Thu, Aug 30 13:00-14:00 Committee Room Andrew Mutant mice and RNA-seq
Thu, Sep 6 13:00-14:00 Committee Room Rui Cryopreservation of human cells
Thu, Sep 20 13:00-14:00 Committee Room Sipko Co-expression analysis from RNA-seq data
Thu, Sep 27 13:00-14:00 Committee Room Shona RNA-seq and ageing: so much data, so little time
Thu, Oct 11 13:00-14:00 Committee Room Simon Studying a new cancer-related gene
Thu, Oct 18 13:00-14:00 Committee Room Pedro State of the lab address
Thu, Oct 25 13:00-14:00 Committee Room Robi Network dissection of aging-related genes
Thu, Nov 8 13:00-14:00 Committee Room Michael Growth, genes and aging (and genomes from long-lived species)
Thu, Nov 22 13:00-14:00 Committee Room Rui Gene expression profiling to unravel cryoprotectant toxicity
Thu, Dec 6 13:00-14:00 Committee Room Thomas Winston, LibAge, mole-rats and online tools
Thu, Dec 13 13:00-14:00 Committee Room Andrew Studying the brain of mutant mice
Thu, Dec 27 Christmas break (no lab meeting)


Date Time Location Speaker(s) Title/topic
Thu, Jan 13 12:00-13:00 SR17 Sipko Beyond the co-expression map: future applications and analyses
Thu, Jan 20 12:00-13:00 SR17 Shona Transcriptional profiling of rat ageing with next-gen sequencing
Thu, Feb 3 12:00-13:00 SR17 Rui A roadmap to the discovery of new cancer-associated genes
Thu, Feb 10 12:00-13:00 SR17 Daniel Finding answers in large-scale dietary restriction datasets
Thu, Feb 17 13:00-14:00 SR17 Thomas Putting the finishing touches on the Digital Ageing Atlas
Thu, Mar 3 13:00-14:00 SR17 Andrew A global view of RNA editing in the ageing rat brain
Thu, Mar 10 13:00-14:00 SR17 Andre Naked mole-rat cells and p53: clues to successful ageing?
Thu, Mar 24 13:00-14:00 SR17 Rute Worms on drugs
Thu, Apr 7 13:00-14:00 SR17 Rui Assaying cell phenotypes with siRNAs
Thu, Apr 14 13:00-14:00 SR17 Shona NGS for ageing rat brains
Thu, Apr 21 13:00-14:00 SR17 Sipko An online toolbox for co-expression analysis and future applications
Thu, May 5 13:00-14:00 SR17 Patrick, Ashley, Kathryn & Charlotte Honours project presentations
Thu, May 26 13:00-14:00 SR17 Daniel Functional predictions from CR gene networks
Thu, Jun 2 13:00-14:00 SR17 Sven Preliminary analysis of the naked mole-rat genome
Thu, Jun 9 13:00-14:00 SR17 Thomas Building portals everywhere
Thu, Jun 23 13:00-14:00 SR17 Andrew RNA editing from RNA-Seq
Thu, Jun 30 13:00-14:00 SR17 Andre Finding functional changes in naked mole-rat proteins
Thu, Jul 7 13:00-14:00 SR17 Shona Unraveling complex RNA changes in the ageing brain
Thu, Jul 21 13:00-14:00 SR17 Rui What do new cancer-related genes do in cells?
Thu, Jul 28 14:00-15:00 SR17 Rute New CR-related genes and drugs
Thu, Aug 11 13:00-14:00 SR17 Daniel Making sense of CR pathways with networks
Thu, Aug 18 13:00-14:00 SR17 Sven Findings from the naked mole-rat genome
Thu, Sep 8 13:00-14:00 SR17 Sipko Co-expression maps for everyone
Thu, Sep 22 13:00-14:00 SR17 Pedro Key findings from the Rostock bioinformatics and ageing meeting
Thu, Oct 6 13:00-14:00 SR17 Thomas A new look for HAGR
Thu, Oct 13 13:00-14:00 SR17 Andrew RNA from mutant mouse brains
Thu, Oct 20 13:00-14:00 SR17 Shona Dynamic RNA in the ageing rat brain
Thu, Nov 3 13:00-14:00 SR17 Michael Linking brain ageing changes to gene expression
Thu, Nov 10 Discussion at Oxford University Transhumanist Society (no lab meeting)
Thu, Nov 24 13:00-14:00 TR13 Demetris (math sciences) Modelling age-related mortality patterns
Thu, Dec 8 13:00-14:00 SR17 Mark McAuley (visitor) Modelling of MLH1 methylation profile in response to folate and ageing
Thu, Dec 15 14:00-15:00 SR17 Andre Dogs & mole-rats
Thu, Dec 29 Christmas break (no lab meeting)


Date Time Location Speaker(s) Title/topic
Thu, Jan 7 Population Genetics Group Meeting (no lab meeting)
Thu, Jan 14 11:00-12:00 SR17 Alex Data-mining DNA repair proteins for ageing-related associations
Thu, Jan 21 Pedro's seminar at School of Clinical Sciences (no lab meeting)
Thu, Jan 28 11:00-12:00 SR17 Daniel In vitro testing of in silico predictions of a caloric restriction network
Thu, Feb 11 11:00-12:00 SR17 Sipko Disease-gene prediction from a co-expression map
Thu, Feb 18 11:00-12:00 SR17 Michael Identifying stem cell regulators in vitro and CR regulators in silico
Thu, Mar 11 11:00-12:00 SR17 Yang Finding patterns of selection on longevity in mammalian protein evolution
Thu, Mar 18 11:00-12:00 SR17 Andrew RNA editing in rat tissues
Thu, Apr 1 No lab meeting
Thu, Apr 8 11:00-12:00 SR17 Thomas A new look at the portal of age-related changes
Thu, Apr 22 11:00-12:00 SR17 Emily, Naki and Joanne Honours project presentations
Thu, May 6 Workshop on Bioinformatics in Ageing Research (no lab meeting)
Thu, May 13 11:00-12:00 SR17 Relevant findings from recent meetings in Rostock and London
Thu, May 20 11:00-12:00 SR17 Alex Data-mining the interactome of DNA repair pathways associated with ageing
Thu, Jun 3 11:00-12:00 SR17 Daniel Hidden patterns in dietary restriction genes and their interactions
Thu, Jun 17 11:00-12:00 SR7 Michael Methods for telling phenotypes apart: slow- vs. fast-growing cells, CR vs. ad lib
Thu, Jul 1 11:00-12:00 SR17 Soren Cryopreservation: state-of-the-art, problems and new genomic approaches
Thu, Jul 15 12:00-13:00 SR17 Andrew Naked mole-rat BACs, genes and gene expression
Thu, Jul 29 11:00-12:00 SR17 Sipko New insights gained from a whole-genome co-expression map
Thu, Aug 26 12:00-13:00 SR17 Group discussion
Thu, Sep 16 11:00-12:00 SR17 Yang Evolutionary genomics insights into ageing
Thu, Sep 23 11:00-12:00 SR17 Sofia and Joana Summer students project presentations
Thu, Oct 7 Benefits and Risks of Nanomedicine Workshop (no lab meeting)
Thu, Oct 14 11:00-12:00 SR17 Shona Next-generation sequencing for ageing gene expression studies
Tue, Oct 19 12:00-13:00 SR17 Pedro Future research ideas, priorities and directions
Thu, Oct 28 12:00-13:00 SR17 Thomas Linking ageing and development with gene expression patterns
Thu, Nov 11 Discerning Diversity in Ageing Workshop (no lab meeting)
Thu, Nov 18 11:00-12:00 SR17 Daniel Circadian rhythms, ageing and dietary restriction: what is the connection?
Tue, Nov 30 12:00-13:00 SR17 Andrew Rats, naked mole-rats, RNAs edited and unedited
Thu, Dec 9 12:00-13:00 SR17 Andre Naked mole-rat cell culture: how to do it and what to do with it
Thu, Dec 16 12:00-13:00 SR17 Rute Using worms to find new CR-related genes and drugs
Thu, Dec 30 Christmas break (no lab meeting)


Date Time Location Speaker(s) Title/topic
Wed, Sep 30 11:00-12:00 TR18 Pedro How to have fun in a research lab and solve ageing at the same time
Thu, Oct 15 11:00-12:00 SR17 Daniel Relevant talks from the Biomarkers of Ageing Workshop 2009
Thu, Nov 5 11:00-12:00 SR17 Yang Cloning genes in the naked mole-rat
Thu, Nov 12 11:00-12:00 SR17 Michael Identifying new genes regulating stem cell self-renewal
Thu, Nov 26 11:00-12:00 SR17 Andrew RNA editing in ageing and disease
Thu, Dec 10 14:00-15:00 SR17 Thomas A portal of age-related changes
Thu, Dec 24 Christmas break (no lab meeting)