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For an extensive collection of links related to research on ageing please refer to

Lab Links

Roster of lab meetings

GitHub (lab data repositories, supplementary materials, etc.)

Lab wiki at OpenWetWare

Maglab mailing-list (for lab members only)

Liverpool Links

Centre for Genomic Research

Centre for Proteome Research

Biomedical Electron Microscopy Unit

Centre for Cell Imaging

Centre for Integrated Research into Musculoskeletal Ageing (CIMA)

Computational Biology Facility

Institute of Integrative Biology

Institute of Translational Medicine

Liverpool Neuroscience Group

School of Life Sciences

University Library

External Colleagues and Collaborators (non-exhaustive list)

Alex Freitas; at the University of Kent.

Alexandra Stolzing; at Loughborough University.

Barshop Institute; in San Antonio with whom we have several collaborations.

Broad Institute; of Harvard and MIT.

Buck Institute; near San Francisco, with whom we collaborate.

Caleb Finch; at the University of Southern California.

Center for Neuroscience and Cell Biology; at the University of Coimbra in Portugal.

Chris Faulkes; at Queen Mary, University of London.

Evolutionary Genomics Lab; in Barcelona.

George Church; at Harvard.

The Gorbunova & Seluanov Laboratory; at the University of Rochester.

Jia Meng; at the Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University in China.

Kaeberlein Lab; at the University of Washington.

Opazo Lab; at the Universidad Austral de Chile.

Peter Van Loo; at the Francis Crick Institute.

Singapore Immunology Network.

Systems Biology of Aging Group; led by lab alumni Robi Tacutu at the Romanian Academy.

Informational Sources and Useful Websites

Engage; resource mostly aimed at bioscience undergraduates but could be useful for first year graduate students as well.

Gulbenkian Training Programme in Bioinformatics; offering a number of training courses near Lisbon.

Kimball's Biology Pages

Java applets for power and sample size

National Academy Press; a US-based institution with many scientific books online.


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