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Apply the Network Licence to a Standalone Sigmaplot 13 and 14 installation.

NOTE: Do not attempt these instructions on a Managed Windows Service (MWS) PC. These instructions are for home or standalone machines only. If you are looking to update the licence on an MWS machine, follow these instructions.

Home users of the software are required to connect their pc to university licencing systems by using the VPN service.
If you are not registered to use the VPN service, please follow the instuctions at: VPN Knowledge Article

When you have registered with the VPN service, please take the following steps:

  1. Copy the attached file named hasp_107466.zip to your desktop.
  2. Extract the zip file to a folder. Inside this folder, right click the hasp_107466.ini file and left click on Copy.
  3. In the Type here to search box on your desktop, type in the following:
    %localappdata%\safenet sentinel\Sentinel LDK
  4. A folder window will appear; right click inside the folder and click Paste.
  5. Connect to the University VPN service using the GlobalProtect client.

the file is in place, and the computer is connected to the VPN, then the software will pick up the licence.

The serial number you require to install Sigmaplot is 775474112

If you encounter any problems with the above procedures please contact the CSD Service Desk

(email: servicedesk@liverpool.ac.uk; phone 0151-794-4567).