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A validation of the RCM simulations from RT3 is performed for key impact variables here

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8th July - some links for downscaling and JRC activities have been added to a WP6.3 page

Research Theme 6 Assessments of Impacts and Climate Change

RT6 is made up of three research workpackages WP6.1, WP6.2 and WP6.3 with WP6.0 covering the co-ordination of the RT.

RT6 seeks to answer a number of questions at the cutting edge of research into climate change impact assessment. There are three primary areas of effort:

WP6.1 The integration of process models of impacts on the natural and managed global environment into Earth System Models;

WP6.2 Linking impact models to probabilistic scenarios of climate change;

WP6.3 Maximizing skill in the impacts models driven by seasonal-to-decadal scale forecasting;

The ENSEMBLES impacts groups working in RT6 will build on the experience of past EU projects such as DEMETER, ATEAM, MICE and PRUDENCE. 
Indeed, most of the groups working in RT6 have been involved in one or more of these four projects. 

Primary Objectives

O6.a: To integrate process models of impacts on the natural and managed global environment into ENSEMBLES Earth System Models.

O6.b: To use impact models to describe system sensitivities to a plausible range of climate futures in terms of critical thresholds.

O6.c: To link impact models to ENSEMBLES probabilistic scenarios in order to develop risk-based estimates of the likelihood of exceeding critical thresholds of 
impact during the 21st century.

O6.d: To use impact models and new ENSEMBLES climate scenarios to improve understanding of the impacts of extremes.

O6.e: To drive impact models with ENSEMBLES ESM and RCM output in order to make probabilistic predictions on seasonal-to-decadal scale timescales 
at regional scales. 

Scientific/Technical Questions

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