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TRIADS was a collaborative project between the University of Liverpool, the University of Derby and the Open University (TRIpartite Assessment Delivery System). It was funded by HEFCE's Fund for the Development of Teaching and Learning (FDTL) between 1996 and 2000.

This web site is no longer maintained. Content is available for historical reasons. Various web links may no longer function.

The name TRIADS derived from the collaboration of three (TRI) universities in the development of an Assessment Delivery System - hence TRIADS... A triad is also an axis of three fold symmetry.

Project Outline

This project aimed to improve the quality of learning by promoting a 'learning outcomes led' approach to curriculum design. Comparisons of actual and intended outcomes can then be used to assess the quality of teaching and learning. This approach depends on learning outcomes being objectively and reproducibly assessed.

Recent advances in computer technology and software mean that much more assessment can now be accomplished through this medium. We propose to ascertain which learning outcomes can be best assessed using this technology, and then adapt an existing generic, multimedia, computer-based assessment system for both formative and summative testing of knowledge, understanding and skills. User-friendly templates for many question styles have been developed to enable academics to produce their own questions. The TRIADS computer-based assessment system enables improvements in the quality of learning by:

  • ensuring objective and reproducible assessment of learning outcomes;
  • providing immediate feedback;
  • saving time in marking and mark processing;
  • freeing up time for teachers to assess the quality of their courses by quantitative analysis of learning outcomes.

FDTL funding has now ceased. However, development continues through the Centre for Interactive Assessment Development (ciad) at Derby. Software and training are available on a commercial basis. Contact ciad for details.


Further Information

Contact: Dr. A.P. Boyle

visitors since 16 March 1998

Garden Design in NW England

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