Dr. Kamila Żychaluk

Research interests

My research is mainly concerned with nonparametric statistics and Bayesian statistics. In particular, my research concentrates on:

Teaching Duties (2009/2010)

Contact Information

E-mail: zychaluk@liverpool.ac.uk
Phone: +44 151 794 5084
Fax: +44 151 794 4754

Department of Mathematical Sciences
University of Liverpool
L69 7ZL
United Kingdom   


Żychaluk, K. Bruno, J.F., Clancy, D., McClanahan, T.R. and Spencer, M. (2012) Data-driven models for regional coral-reef dynamics. Ecology Letters 15, 151-158.

Żychaluk, K. and Foster, D. H. (2009) Model-free estimation of a psychometric function. Attention, Perception & Psychophysics 71, 1414-1425.

Model-free psychometric software is available for MatLab and R.

Żychaluk, K. and Patil, P. (2008) A cross-validation method for data with ties in kernel density estimation. Annals of Inst. Statist. Math. 60, 21-44.

Foster, D. H. and Żychaluk, K. (2007) Nonparametric estimates of biological transducer functions. IEEE Signal Processing Magazine 24 (4): 49-58.

Mumby, P.J., Hedley, J.D., Żychaluk, K., Harborne, A.R., and Blackwell, P.G.  (2006) Revisiting the catastrophic die-off of the urchin Diadema antillarum on Caribbean coral reefs: Fresh insights on resilience from a simulation model.  Ecological Modelling 196(1-2): 131-148.

Harborne, A.R., Mumby, P.J., Żychaluk, K., Hedley, J.D., and Blackwell, P.G. (2006) Modelling the beta diversity of coral reefs. Ecology 87(11): 2871-2881.

Żychaluk, K. (2004) Application of noise in non-parametric curve estimation. PhD thesis, University of Birmingham, UK.

Statistical inference for random processes in epidemiology and ecology

Workshop, 29th April 2010