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Dr Anne Herrmann; Post-doctoral research associate

Project funded by the Neuroblastoma Society on  hypoxia-mediated neuroblastoma cell metastasis

(Previous PhD: role of Notch in hypoxia-related maintenance of neural stem cells, Dresden University of Technology, Germany)

e-mail: herrmann_at_liverpool.ac.uk


Postgraduate students:

Leonard Daly (2015–2019), PhD student

Studentship funded by BBSRC DTP; co-supervisor: C Eyers

Leonard’s project is on HIF-2 proteomic and imaging

BSc in Biochemistry, University of Liverpool, UK

hlldaly at student.liverpool.ac.uk

Co-supervision of PhD students:

Jennifer Francis (primary supervisor: R Levy). Jennifer studentship is a BBSRC case studentship in collaboration with Carl Zeiss.

Past members:

Sarah Taylor (PhD student 2011-2015), viva 30th November 2015

Carol Fan (PhD student 2010-2013), next destination PDRA in Nottingham

Michael Rice (MPhil 2012-2013; Intercalated Bsc of Science degree in surgery)

Catherine Heyward (PDRA 2010-2012), next destination senior post-doc/junior group leader in Oslo (Norway)

Haleh Shahidipour (technician 2010-2012), next  PhD student in the Institute of Translational Medicine, Liverpool

James Bagnall (PhD student 2007 - 2011), next destination PDRA in Manchester

Stefan Bennett (PhD student 2011 - ended because of illness)

Daniel Meley (PDRA 2006 - 2010), post-doc in Montreal (2010-2011), and then in Tours (France)

Jan Harries (technician 2005-2007), now senior technician, University of Liverpool

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Centre for Cell Imaging

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Dr Violaine Sée; Principal investigator

PhD in molecular and cellular pharmacology, University Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg, France

V See has a background in cell signalling and neuro-oncology. In 2005, VS obtained a BBSRC David Phillips fellowship to work on temporal and spatial regulation of intracellular signals. She is now lecturer in the department of Biochemistry and Cell Biology at the University of Liverpool. During her fellowship, VS has demonstrated the importance of intracellular dynamic of transcription factors to control gene transcription and cell fate (Ashall et al, Science, 2009; Meley et al, Cell Death and Disease 2010). She has developed her research on hypoxia signalling and has shown the importance the timing of hypoxia inducible factor to control on cell fate and drug resistance (Bagnall et al, J. Biol. Chem., 2014; Fan et al, Plos One, 2015), Herrmann et al, Oncogenesis 2015). Since April 2011, she has been co-director with Dr Daimark Bennett of the Liverpool Centre for Cell Imaging. She co-chairs with B Pizer, a paediatric oncologist at Alder Hey Children’s hospital, the Liverpool Paediatric Cancer Biology Group.

e-mail: violaine_at_liverpool.ac.uk

Rosalie Richards (2012-2016), PhD student

Studentship co funded by the Naseem’s Manx Brain tumour charity and the University of Liverpool; co-supervisor D Bennett

Rosalie’s project in on  the effects of hyooxia on Glioblastoma cell fate

MSc Molecular Neuroscience, University of Bristol, UK


Amelie Schober (2013-2017), PhD student

Studentship co-funded by a partnership between CiCBioGUNE in Bilbao and the University of Liverpool. Co-supervisor: C Dart in Liverpool and E Berra in Bilbao.

Amelie’s project is on the elucidation of  novel HIF regulators

Master Molecular Life Science, University of Lübeck (Germany)

amelie.schober at liverpool.ac.uk

Sophie Cowman (2014-2018), PhD student

Studentship co-funded by Alder Hey charity fund and the Institute of Integrative Biology. Co-supervisor: Dr B Pizer.

Sophie’s project is on  the regulation of DNA damage pathway in hypoxic brain tumour cells

BSc, Molecular Biology, University of Liverpool, UK


Centre For Cell Imaging Staff:

Dr Marco Marcello; Facility manager

Marco completed his PhD in Heidelberg and was subsequently a post-doctoral researcher at the German Cancer Research Centre. Concomitantly he was visiting scientist at EMBL in Stelzer’s lab from 2005-2008. He joined Liverpool in 2008 and became facility manager in 2011.

Joanna Wnetrzack; Technician

Dr David Mason; Post-doctoral Research associate Image Analyst

Dave completed his PhD at the University of Toronto, studying Cellular Microbiology. He has a particular interest in the application of Advanced Light Microscopy techniques and is presently developing the Super-Resolution capabilities in the Centre for Cell Imaging.

Yousef Almutawa (2015-2016), Mphil Medical student

Last updated November 2015