Liverpool Pubs Beer Festival  Sept./Oct  2010

Click on links for more info.  Extra events will be posted here.

Click for Passport or pick one up from Pubs -- note Stables, Garston is now closed.

Art in Pubs: Exhibition of Astrid Kircheer photos – Liverpool and the Beatles, Belvedere.  Sept - Nov.

Art in Pubs: Redwire Art Group, Opening 15th Sept, with Ceri Hand, Lion Moorfields until end of Oct.

Cider Festival, Everyman and Belvedere 28 ciders  1st - 17th October

Thursday 21st October 8pm Meet the Peerless Brewer , Lion Moorfields

Wirral Beer Festival  21st - 23rd Oct

21st -24th  Beer Festival Albion, Warrington

Wetherspoons Beer Fest. launch Oct 27th, Fallwell, Queens Sq 4-7pm

Dispensary Beer Festival 28th - 31st Oct.

12th-13th Nov. Oldershaw Rugby Club Beerfest

Thursday 18th November,  8pm Meet Liverpool One Brewer Gary Rice , Lion Moorfields