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Previous Organisations Associated with Archaeology in the UK

Ancient Monuments Board (AMB)

Created by Ancient Monuments Consolidation and Amendment Act 1913, the AMB comprised 18 members whose duties were to advise the Secretary of State in the exercise of his functions in relation to the scheduling of ancient monuments, and penalties for their damage.

Historic Buildings Commission (HBC)

Created as a result of the Historic Buildings and Ancient Monuments Act (1953). There were 20 members of the board whose duties included advising the Secretary of State in exercise of his powers. for listing buildings and the provision of grant aid.

Royal Commissions for Historic Monuments - England (RCHME)

The Royal Commission for Historic Monuments (England) was created by Royal Warrant in 1908 with the aim of compiling an inventory of historic monuments in England, noting those most worthy of preservation. By the same Royal Warrant, Royal Commissions were also created in Scotland and Wales. Since their creation, the Royal Commissions have developed special expertise in the surveying of archaeological sites and buildings. They have also kept the National Monuments Records (for England, Scotland and Wales respectively) that comprise their own photos archives and other materials given to them. In 1999 the Royal Commission for Historical Monuments - England amalgamated with English Heritage.