Department of Mathematical Sciences,
University of Liverpool,
Liverpool L69 7ZL,
United Kingdom

Matty Van Son
PhD student
Department of Mathematical Sciences
University of Liverpool
Email: m.j.van-son (at) liverpool.ac.uk

CV, research statement, and PhD-thesis
My CV (pdf) and research statement (pdf).
My PhD thesis (pdf), with scientific adviser O. Karpenkov.
Thesis title: Extended Markov numbers and integer geometry.
Publications and Preprints
  1. Perron identity for arbitrary broken lines (2019). ( read online ) ( doi) ( arXiv )
  2. Palindromic sequences of the Markov spectrum (2019). ( read online ) ( doi) ( arXiv )
  3. Generalised Markov numbers (2020). ( read ) ( doi) ( arXiv )
  1. Uniqueness conjectures for extended Markov numbers (2020). ( read ) ( arXiv )
Local seminar
Selected Topics in Mathematics.
Conference co-organisation
Geometry, Combinatorics, and Markov Numbers, 2020 (postponed).
Errata for the text Generalised Markov numbers (JNT, 2020) are available here .