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Listed below are some of the questions that have been emailed to me over the past 10 years. Strictly speaking, only a few of these can be called FAQs as many have not been asked frequently -- most are one-off questions that relate to a specific situation that a user has encountered. Even so, I think that the questions and the answers listed below may be of general interest to other users. The questions have been grouped into loose categories, but are otherwise in no particular order.
Versions and Code
Is there a version of Image SXM that runs natively on Intel Macs?
Is there a version of Image SXM that runs on a PC/Windows/DOS/Linux?
Is Image SXM public domain? Is it freeware? Is it shareware?
Is the source code for Image SXM in the public domain?
Is the source code for Scion Image for PCs available?

Image Processing
Does Image SXM automatically adjust the greyscale?
Can I select a ROI to define a subtraction plane, and then subtract that plane from the whole image?
Does Image SXM do some kind of background removal from images?
Does the compensation function alter the real dimensions of the image?
Is it possible to change the z scale of an image while maintaining its calibration?
Is there a way to create my own LUT?

Image Analysis
Can I save the profile plot as data points and then plot it in a spreadsheet?
Can I get a height histogram of my particles?
Users and Citations
Is there any email list of SXM users?
How should Image SXM be cited in publications?

Program Settings
How much memory should I allocate to Image SXM?
Do I have to explicitly save the preferences before quitting?

What are the new features of Image SXM v1.xx?
Is there a way of saving files in xxx format?

Steve Barrett     November 2014

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