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I am a Reader in Physical Geography at the University of Liverpool. My research has focused on late glacial and Holocene environmental changes in lacustrine and alluvial sequences (NERC and English Heritage). Key findings; significance of human activity in driving the response of catchments visible in hillslope, alluvial (Chiverrell et al., 2009a b) and lacustrine (Foster et al., 2008; Shen et al., 2008) sedimentary sequences. Research has included the modelling of catchment to lake sediment delivery using dynamic hydrogeomorphic models (Welsh et al., 2009). I also have interests in geochronological approaches to dating lacustrine (Shen et al., 2007) and fluvial sediments (Chiverrell et al., 2009a b), including 14C, OSL and tephrachronology (Xia et al., 2007). I have additional research interests in the Quaternary stratigraphy of the British and Irish Isles and the last deglaciaton of these islands. I am currently Honorary Secretary of the British Society for Geomorphology.

Academic History

B.Sc. Geography and Geology (1993); M.Sc. Palynology (Wales: Aberystwyth) (1994); Ph.D. (Leeds) (1998).

Reader, Senior Lecturer and Lecturer in Physical Geography. Department of Geography, University of Liverpool. 11/1998 onwards.

Postgraduate research supervision

Dunsheng Xia. PhD Awarded 2003.

Ian Thrasher. PhD Awarded 2008.

Katharine Welsh. PhD Awarded 2010.

Beverly Todd. ongoing started Sept 2009.

Daniel Schillereff. Ongoing started Sept 2010.

Rich and Dettifoss

Met station on May Moss

Install Long Grain dipwell

Little grain weir