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Whole-Cell aquisition:


Written By John Dempster Strathclyde Univeristy

Available here

"Single-Channel" aquisition:


Written By John Dempster Strathclyde Univeristy

Available here





Whole-Cell analysis:



Available here

"Single Channel" analysis:


There are issues of course, but very powerful & has a great support forum.

Available here

Previous work




"Single Channel" analysis:


Very useful, especially for event detection and fitting

Author here

Stimtor aquisition

Simple & Effective. A little outdated now. Ran well under DOS or Win 98

Noel Davies, Leicester University

Author here





On Trial




DC suite...

Very powerful, loads of features, but a steep learning curve. I'm still writing software to convert my data to this format, but some ways to go yet!

David Colquoun, University College London

Available here









Excel/MS Visual Basic

Flexible, if you have the time, but most test now availavle with comercial packages.




Excellent for testing, I think could become a rival for Prism?


Available here





....formerly we used Microcal Origin








Graphing/Curve Fitting



Available here













Model Testing




MS Visual Java

Since Microsoft don't support this anymore, itís become a bit pointless.

Not bad for speed, fairly portable

 Now using the Beans thing...


Netbeans Java

Actually very good.I was surprised for some reason, but we were able to rejuvenate most of our Java code with this.


Unix C++ (various!)

Great for high speed numerical simulations, but graphics tricky



MS Excel/Visual Basic

Very slow, but so easy(!!) we're using this increasingly.



Turbo C++, MS Visual C++ 6.0

Our standards; both are flexible and still produce pretty fast code.







 Perl of course...


 Makes those strings so much easier to plough through, but any old Perl will do.



























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