Selected publications by year

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  • 4D imaging and analysis of multicellular tumour spheroid cell migration and invasion.
    R Richards, D Mason, R Lévy, Rachel Bearon, Violaine Sée.
    2018 Oct 15. doi:10.1101/443648
  • Ex vivo live cell tracking in kidney organoids using light sheet fluorescence microscopy
    M Held, I Santeramo, B Wilm, P Murray, R Lévy.
    PLOS One.
    2018 July 26. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0199918
  • Re-Evaluating the Spherical-Nucleic-Acid Technology
    M Czarnek, D Mason, G Haimovich, VF Puntes, P Bergese, J Bereta, R Lévy.
    2018 June 25. doi:10.26434/chemrxiv.6633980


  • Ex vivo live cell tracking in kidney organoids using light sheet fluorescence microscopy.
    M Held, I Santeramo, B Wilm, P Murray, R Lévy.
    2017 Dec 18. doi:10.1101/233114
  • Multimodal cell tracking from systemic administration to tumour growth by combining gold nanorods and reporter genes.
    J Comenge, J Sharkey, O Fragueiro, B Wilm, M Brust, P Murray, R Lévy, A Plagge.
    2017 Oct 19. doi:10.1101/199836
  • Evaluation of quantum dot conjugated antibodies for immunofluorescent labelling of cellular targets
    JE Francis, D Mason, R Lévy.
    Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology.
    2017 June 9. doi:10.3762/bjnano.8.125
  • Transcriptional responses to hyperplastic MRL signalling in Drosophila
    V Jonchère, N Alqadri, J Herbert, L Dodgson, D Mason, G Messina, F Falciani, D Bennett.
    Royal Society Open Biology.
    2017 February 1. doi:10.1098/rsob.160306
  • Computational and Experimental Investigation of the Structure of Peptide Monolayers on Gold Nanoparticles
    E Colangelo, Q Chen, AM Davidson, D Paramelle, MB Sullivan, M Volk, R Lévy.
    2017 January 10. doi:10.1021/acs.langmuir.6b04383
  • Non-invasive imaging reveals conditions that impact distribution and persistence of cells after in vivo administration.
    L Scarfe, A Taylor, J Sharkey, M Barrow, J Comenge, L Beeken, C Astley, I Santeramo, C Hutchinson, L Ressel, J Smythe, E Austin, R Lévy, MJ Rosseinsky, DJ Adams, H Poptani, BK Park, P Murray, B Wilm.
    2017 Jan 1. doi:10.1101/202101


  • Evaluation of quantum dot conjugated antibodies for immunofluorescent labelling of cellular targets.
    JE Francis, D Mason, R Lévy.
    2016 Nov 29. doi:10.1101/090357
  • Computational and Experimental Investigation of the Structure of Peptide Monolayers on Gold Nanoparticles
    E Colangelo, Q Chen, AM Davidson, D Paramelle, MB Sullivan, M Volk, R Lévy.
    2016 Oct 26. doi:10.1101/083204
  • Characterizing Self-Assembled Monolayers on Gold Nanoparticles
    E Colangelo, J Comenge, D Paramelle, M Volk, Q Chen, R Lévy.
    Bioconjugate Chemistry.
    2016 November 15. doi:10.1021/acs.bioconjchem.6b00587
  • Sticky-flares: real-time tracking of mRNAs... or of endosomes?
    D Mason, R Lévy.
    2016 Oct 19. doi:10.1101/029447
  • Differential sub-nuclear distribution of hypoxia-inducible factors (HIF)-1 and -2 alpha impacts on their stability and mobility
    SE Taylor, J Bagnall, D Mason, R Lévy, DG Fernig, V Sée.
    Open Biology.
    2016 September 21. doi:10.1098/rsob.160195
  • Preventing Plasmon Coupling between Gold Nanorods Improves the Sensitivity of Photoacoustic Detection of Labeled Stem Cells in Vivo
    J Comenge, O Fragueiro, J Sharkey, A Taylor, M Held, NC Burton, BK Park, B Wilm, P Murray, M Brust, R Lévy.
    ACS Nano.
    2016 June 16. doi:10.1021/acsnano.6b03246
  • Elastase levels and activity are increased in dystrophic muscle and impair myoblast cell survival, proliferation and differentiation
    N Arecco, CJ Clarke, FK Jones, D Simpson, D Mason, RJ Beynon, A Pisconti.
    Nature Scientific Reports.
    2016 May 31. doi:10.1038/srep24708
  • The Spherical Nucleic Acids mRNA Detection Paradox
    D Mason, G Carolan, M Held, J Comenge, S Cowman, R Lévy.
    Science Open.
    2016 Mar 29. doi:10.14293/S2199-1006.1.SOR-CHEM.AZ1MJU.v2
  • Selectivity in glycosaminoglycan binding dictates the distribution and diffusion of fibroblast growth factors in the pericellular matrix
    C Sun, M Marcello, Y Li, D Mason, R Lévy, DG Fernig.
    Open Biology.
    2016 Mar 23. doi:10.1098/rsob.150277
  • Dispersion of Hydrophobic Co Supracrystal in Aqueous Solution
    N Yang, Z Yang, M Held, P Bonville, P Albouy, R Lévy, M Pileni.
    ACS Nano.
    2016. doi:10.1021/acsnano.5b06966


  • Measures of kidney function by minimally invasive techniques correlate with histological glomerular damage in SCID mice with adriamycin-induced nephropathy.
    L Scarfe, A Rak-Raszewska, S Geraci, D Darssan, J Sharkey, J Huang, NC Burton, D Mason, P Ranjzad, S Kenny, N Gretz, R Lévy, BK Park, M García-Fiñana, AS Woolf, P Murray, B Wilm.
    Sci Rep.
    2015 Sept 2. doi:10.1038/srep13601
  • Photothermal raster image correlation spectroscopy of gold nanoparticles in solution and on live cells.
    DJ Nieves, Y Li, DG Fernig, R Lévy.
    R Soc Open Sci.
    2015 Jun 17. doi:10.1098/rsos.140454
  • TAT and HA2 Facilitate Cellular Uptake of Gold Nanoparticles but Do Not Lead to Cytosolic Localisation.
    Y Cesbron, U Shaheen, R Lévy.
    PLOS One.
    2015 Apr 2. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0121683
  • Tailoring the surface charge of dextran-based polymer coated SPIONs for modulated stem cell uptake and MRI contrast.
    M Barrow, A Taylor, DJ Nieves, LK Bogart, P Mandal, CM Collins, LR Moore, JJ Chalmers, R Lévy, SR Williams, P Murray, MJ Rosseinsky, DJ Adams.
    Biomaterials Science.
    2015 Feb 26 (online). doi:10.1039/C5BM00011D
  • Cellular memory of hypoxia elicits neuroblastoma metastasis and enables invasion by non-aggressive neighbouring cells.
    A Herrmann, M Rice, R Lévy, BL Pizer, PD Losty, D Moss, V Sée.
    2015 Feb 2;4(2):e138. doi:10.1038/oncsis.2014.52


  • Critical assessment of the evidence for striped nanoparticles
    J Stirling, I Lekkas, A Sweetman, P Djuranovic, Q Guo, B Pauw, J Granwehr, R Lévy, P Moriarty.
    PLoS One.
    2014 Nov 17;9(11):e108482. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0108482
  • Monovalent maleimide functionalization of gold nanoparticles via copper-free click chemistry.
    DJ Nieves, NS Azmi, R Xu, R Lévy, EA Yates, DG Fernig.
    Chemical Communications.
    2014 Nov 7;50(86):13157-60. doi:10.1039/c4cc05909c
  • Nanoparticles for Imaging, Sensing, and Therapeutic Intervention.
    LK Bogart, G Pourroy, CJ Murphy, V Puntes, T Pellegrino, D Rosenblum, D Peer, R Lévy.
    ACS nano
    8 (4), 3107-3122. doi:10.1021/nn500962q
  • Response of Villin Headpiece-Capped Gold Nanoparticles to Ultrafast Laser Heating.
    S Hassan, M Schade, CP Shaw, R Lévy, P Hamm.
    The Journal of Physical Chemistry B.
  • Partial mitigation of gold nanoparticle interactions with human lymphocytes by surface functionalization with a ‘mixed matrix’
    Neill J Liptrott, Emily Kendall, DJ Nieves, John Farrell, Steve Rannard, David G Fernig & Andrew Owen.
    Nanomedicine (lond).


  • High-resolution sizing of monolayer-protected gold clusters by differential centrifugal sedimentation.
    Z Krpetić, AM Davidson, M Volk, R Lévy, M Brust, DL Cooper.
    ACS Nano.
    2013 Oct 22;7(10):8881-90. doi:10.1021/nn403350v


  • Photothermal microscopy of the core of dextran-coated iron oxide nanoparticles during cell uptake.
    LK Bogart, A Taylor, Y Cesbron, P Murray, R Lévy.
    ACS Nano.
    2012 Jul 24;6(7):5961-71. doi:10.1021/nn300868z
  • Long-term tracking of cells using inorganic nanoparticles as contrast agents: are we there yet?
    A Taylor, KM Wilson, P Murray, DG Fernig, R Lévy.
    Chem Soc Rev.
    2012 Apr 7;41(7):2707-17. doi:10.1039/c2cs35031a
  • Amyloid-derived peptide forms self-assembled monolayers on gold nanoparticle with a curvature-dependent β-sheet structure.
    CP Shaw, DA Middleton, M Volk, R Lévy.
    ACS Nano.
    2012 Feb 28;6(2):1416-26. doi:10.1021/nn204214x
  • Stripy Nanoparticles Revisited.
    Y Cesbron, CP Shaw, JP Birchall, P Free and R Lévy.
    , 2012, 8, 3714–3719. doi:10.1002/smll.201001465
  • Amyloid-Derived Peptide Forms Self-Assembled Monolayers on Gold Nanoparticle with a Curvature-Dependent β-Sheet Structure.
    CP Shaw, DA Middleton, M Volk, R Lévy.
    ACS Nano
    , 2012, 6, 1416–1426. doi:10.1021/nn204214x
  • Fmoc-diphenylalanine hydrogels: understanding the variability in reported mechanical properties.
    J Raeburn, G Pont, L Chen, Y Cesbron, R Lévy DJ Adams;
    Soft Matter
    , 2012, 8, 1168-1174. doi:10.1039/C1SM06929B


  • Gold nanoparticles as advanced building blocks for nanoscale self-assembled systems.
    CP Shaw, DG Fernig, R Lévy.
    J. Mater. Chem.
    , 21, 12181-12187. doi:10.1039/C1JM11945A


  • Gold nanoparticles delivery in mammalian live cells: a critical review.
    R Lévy, U Shaheen, Y Cesbron, V Sée.
    Nano Rev.
    2010;1. doi:10.3402/nano.v1i0.4889


  • Cathepsin L Digestion of Nanobioconjugates upon Endocytosis.
    V Sée, P Free, Y Cesbron, P Nativo, U Shaheen, DJ Rigden, DG Spiller, DG Fernig, MRH White, IA Prior, M Brust, B Lounis, R Lévy,
    ACS Nano
    , 2009, 3, 2461-2468. doi:10.1021/nn9006994
  • PEGylation modulates the interfacial kinetics of proteases on peptide-capped gold nanoparticles.
    P Free, CP Shaw, R Lévy,
    Chem. Commun.,
    2009, 5009 – 5011. doi:10.1039/b910657j


  • Fluorescent or not? Size-dependent fluorescence switching for polymer-stabilized gold clusters in the 1.1-1.7 nm size range.
    N Schaeffer, B Tan, C Dickinson, MJ Rosseinsky, A Laromaine, DW McComb, MM Stevens, Y Wang, L Petit, C Barentin, DG Spiller, AI Cooper, R Lévy.
    Chem Commun (Camb).
    2008 Sep 14;(34):3986-8. doi:10.1039/b809876j
  • Supramolecular domains in mixed peptide self-assembled monolayers on gold nanoparticles.
    L Duchesne, G Wells, DG Fernig, SA Harris, R Lévy.
    2008 Sep 1;9(13):2127-34. doi:10.1002/cbic.200800326

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