Regulations at the University of Liverpool

The advice offered here has been developed for the PhD examination. Those on other research degree programmes are advised to consult their local administration for further information on the requirements for the examination process.

Your viva for your PhD at the University of Liverpool will be conducted according to the rules specified in the Postgraduate Handbook.

At the end of the viva the examiners will make a recommendation according to the Ordinances of the University. For a PhD the examiners will recommend on one of six Viva Outcomes:

  1. Pass
  2. Pass subject to minor modifications
  3. Resubmission
  4. To award MPhil subject to, if required, amendments to the thesis
  5. Resubmission for the award of MPhil
  6. Fail

Further details of each of the above categories are available on the Submission and Examination section of the PGR Student Team website

Relevant Links
Liverpool Doctoral College Handbook , chapter 6, contains information on submission and examination. The current version of the Handbook can be downloaded from this link.
Submission and Examination - on the PGR Student Team website, which the procedures for submission of your thesis
Programme Ordnances - on the Academic Quality and Standards website, includes links to policies and to the ordinances for the MPhil, PhD and MD research degrees, See e.g. 57 A-D for the PhD