This is the marmite section of animated powerpoints because it includes flying text banners, feedback to me indicates that this is either loved or completely hated by audiences..... Use at your own risk.

I have been trying to go back to first principles and give stepwise descriptions of animation techniques to be as accessible as possible to powerPoint users with different levels of expertise...... But there is little to say about animating text in paragraphs beyond select paragraph text; click"ANIMATIONS" and then (for example) "Fade". Job done.

One thing.... by default, all the paragraphs in a text-box are animated in the same way and, if they are all top level paragraphs will appear on an individual mouse click. If you want to change the timing or grouping or style of animation of individual paragraphs then open the "Animation Pane" (<ALT>AC) and click on the double chevron (shown left) to reveal the properties of each individual paragraph.

Animating text is really important for concealing, if not alleviating death-by-powerPoint because text overload is less obvious if the text is revealed one paragraph at a time.

Much more in keeping with the spirit of animating things to attract attention is to create and animate banner text to fly across the screen where needed.....


Reasonably stepwise instructions on how to create animated textbanners.

How to animate text banners

First, insert a text box, enter text and then embellish to taste using the shape formatting options. Click here for detailed instructions.

Alternatively, a Blue Peter version is here.

Now For the animating bit. So far we have managed using only "Wipe" and "Fade".... Banners work really well with "Fly"

Click on the text of your label and then on "ANIMATIONS" and then "Fly In" and then choose direction under "Effect Options".

I used the slide below to wrap up an extended version of my L&T talk from last year... which included a plug for the workshop which accompanies these demonstrations.

Available for download here

Sign off

Lectures often travel in little herds and it may be appropriate to remind students of the next in the sequence

The animation below is the last slide from a lecture on homeostasis..... I have been using variations on this slide at the end of lectures for at least a decade and I now have no idea why they include R2D2.

The counter-intuitive aspect of this animation is that the picture of R2D2 is made to glide across the slide by using the "Fly in" (from the right) entrance effect and placing the object (R2D2) just off the slide at the far left. Thus the picture seems to both appear and disappear on a single animation effect.

Available for download here

A More challenging Banner

Here I wanted to make the point that if you were to stretch the lungs out into a flat sheet, there would be sufficient material to carpet a squash court. Furthermore, the 60-140 ml of blood in the lungs at any time would form an additional layer only 1-2 μm thick (a coat of paint is at least 100 μm) which indicates that the blood is at all times in intimate contact with the lung tissue. I think that painting the banner text on the walls and floor of the quash court this makes the point quite effectively.

Available for download here