What follows is by way of a demonstration consisting of step-by-step instructions on how to make a very simple animated pie chart using this technique.

If your presentation doesn't turn out quite like the recipe then there are links to download various of the powerpoints for you to play with.

How to make an Animated Pie Chart

First, create a pie chart, convert it into a picture and break it into its component parts.... This is easier than it sounds. Click here for detailed instructions.

Alternatively and in the best tradition of Blue Peter you could download this one that I made earlier.

OK, now we can animate... and this is the really easy bit

When you play your powerPoint, it should look something like the animation below.....

.....Click anywhere on the movie to advance.... or use the "play" button.

Cute and easy...... If you are in a real rush, download the completed powerPoint and play with it.

The key to this style of animation is to create the final slide first and then animate by deletion.

Once you've got the hang of that one, you could try animating by moving an object on sequential slides, as shown below and also available as a download.