Introductory Animation

There are four introductory exercise.......

Almost Painless Animation.

The simplest, but still potentially incredibly effective, animations comprise a sequence of powerPoint slides that are almost but not quite identical. As you move through the presentation, the (tiny) differences between the slides create the illusion of movement. Hey, if it was good enough for Disney....

The deep dark secret behind this style of animation is to create the final slide first and work backwards.

Almost Painless Animation.

One of the barriers to getting the best from powerPoint is the way in which lesser used functions are hidden deep within the ribbon menus. Fortunately (?) there are often alternative navigation paths or shortcuts and I will introduce these in the text. Many PowerPoint shortcuts are activated by pressing and releasing the ALT key (indicated by <ALT>). When you do this in powerPoint shortcut letters appear and change as you select options. I will indicate shortcut paths by <ALT> followed by a letter sequence. Some shortuts involve holding down one key and pressing and releasing another, for example a shortcut for "cut" is to hold down the <SHIFT> key and to press and release <DELETE>. Shortcuts of this type will be indicated using boldface for the key to be held down..... e.g. <SHIFT><DELETE>