The plot above shows in red the ESMs in a group of 70 Chinese participants.


Welcome to the web pages of the St Paul's Oculomotor Group. Based in the oculomotor labs of Dr Paul C. Knox in the Institute of Ageing and Chronic Disease’s Department of Eye and Vision Science, we have a number of research projects in which we are investigating the control of eye movement and visually guided behaviour in health, ageing and disease, the effect of visual illusions, and the wider impact of visual disability. Details of ongoing projects and publications can be found on the appropriate pages.



Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting, Chicago 17th –21st October

Knox et al, Longitudinal analysis of pro- and antisaccade development in retinopathy-confirmed cerebral malaria. Session 110: Eye Movements; Sunday 18th Oct, S402 (Abstract)


Latest qualitative papers:


Hodge S, Thetford C, Knox PC, Robinson J (2015)

Finding your own way around: experiences of health and social care provision for people with a visual impairment in the UK.
British Journal of Visual Impairment 33:200–211 (pdf of MS)


Thetford et al (2015) Resilience and vision impairment in older people.  Journal of Aging Studies 35:37–48.

Pdf available until September 25th!


Latest on the Express Saccade Maker phenomenon:


Knox PC, Wolohan FDA (2015) Temporal stability and training effects on saccade latency in express saccade makers.

PLoS ONE 10(3): e0120437



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