We synthesise molecular wires and measure their electrical properties, using state-of-art SPM techniques

current research

Our research interests span the entire field of single molecule electronics and spintronics, ranging from the study of fundamental charge transport in archetypal molecular wires (bipyridyls, oligo-ynes, alkanedithiols, etc) to thermal and environmental effects in molecular junctions. We are also studying the electrochemical gating of molecular wires containing a redox active transition metal (Pt, Ru, Cr, etc.) both in aqueous and non-aqueous media, and charge transport through oligo-porphyrines and peptides.


04/08/16 - Our paper "Low variability of single-molecule conductance assisted by bulky metal–molecule contacts" is now online. Read it here on RSC Advances.

04/08/16 - Our paper "Experimental and Computational Studies of the Single-Molecule Conductance of Ru(II) and Pt(II) trans-Bis(acetylide) Complexes" is now online. Read it here on Organometallics.

25/04/16 - Our conference paper "Evidence for a hopping mechanism in metal | single molecule | metal junctions involving conjugated metal–terpyridyl complexes; potential-dependent conductances of complexes [M(pyterpy)2]2+ (M = Co and Fe; pyterpy = 4'-(pyridin-4-yl)-2,2':6',2''-terpyridine) in ionic liquid" is now online, and will be presented at the forthcoming "Single-Entity Electrochemistry" Faraday Discussion (York, UK, 31 August - 2 September 2016). Read it here on Faraday Discussions.

11/04/16 - Our paper "Single Molecule Conductance of Viologen-Cucurbit[8]uril Host-Guest Complexes" is now online. Read it here on ACS Nano.

26/02/16 - Our paper "Effects of Electrode–Molecule Binding and Junction Geometry on the Single-Molecule Conductance of bis-2,2′:6′,2″-Terpyridine-based Complexes" is now online. Read it here on Inorganic Chemistry.

19/10/15 - Our paper "Solvent dependence of the single molecule conductance of oligoyne-based molecular wires" is now online. Read it here on J. Phys. Chem. C.

19/10/15 - Our paper "Electrochemical single-molecule transistors with optimized gate coupling" in collaboration with the Martin, Hartl, Ulstrup and Low groups is now online. Read it here on JACS.

19/10/15 - Our paper "Gating of single molecule junction conductance by charge transfer complex formation" in collaboration with the Xu and Lambert groups is now online. Read it here on Nanoscale.

01/10/15 - We welcome Mr. Inco Planje as new PhD student in the group. His research will focus the study of metal complexes and their applications in molecular electronics, spintronics and electrocatalysis.

21/07/15 - Congratulations to Robert Smith for winning the best presentation prize at Electrochemistry NorthWest 2015, with his talk titled "Porous Carbon Electrodes for Applications in Electroanalysis".

21/07/15 - Our paper on automatic collection and selection of molecular conductance traces in collaboration with the Albrecht and Long groups is now online. Read it here on JACS.

01/06/15 - We welcome Dr. Edmund Leary as new PDRA in the group. He will work on the conductance of phorphirin nanorings and nanowires looking for evidence of quantum interference effects.

26/05/15 - Our paper on resonant transport in single molecule electrical junctions in collaboration with the Palacios group is now online.
Read it here on Phys. Rev. B.

14/05/15 - Our paper on the synthesis and single-molecule conductance of bimetallic complexes in collaboration with the Beeby and Low groups is now online. Read it here on Inorg. Chem.

04/11/14 - Our paper on the electrochemical characterisation of graphite felts in collaboration with the Davies group and ACAL Energy is now online. Read it here on J. Electroanal. Chem.

01/11/14 - We welcome Mr. Nicolo' Ferri as new PhD student in the group. He will work on the synthesis and characterisation of molecular wires for CT complexes SMC studies.


We use a variety of techniques to characterise metal¦molecule¦metal junctions.

Organic Synthesis

Molecular wires employed in our experiments are synthesised here in Liverpool and in other facilities in the world through collaborations.


We study electrochemistry applied to molecular electronics and for the development of technologies such as energy storage and conversion.