I had every intention of writing a nice neat webpage for this and then somebody wanted me to do work in work. I know! For the moment you can have some plain text explanation and some links.

Issue 1 - December 2004 pdf file

Battlestar Galactica was shown on Sky One in the UK from October 2004. It suprised me by getting slowly better, or at least no worse. When looking for information about it I found it was showing in the UK before the US which was a bit of a suprise. The official website is on SCIFI.COM

The Tyne Tunnel appears to have changed design since I was mightily embarrassed. There is a webcam for those who want to watch confused motorists. The 10 minutes I spent clicking refresh revealed no accidents.

Issue 2 - March 2004 pdf file

Issue 3 - Even More Balls, Worldcon 2005 pdf file

Issue 4 - September 2008 pdf file

Issue 5 - March 2010 pdf file

Issue 6 - April 2010 pdf file I think I've had a rush of blood to my head