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Hello, I am Zheng Kuang. Welcome to my personal website.

I am a Research Associate at University of Liverpool, School of Engineering, United Kingdom. My hometown is Shenzhen which is a beautiful coast city in south China. I came to study and live in the UK since 2005. I was awarded an MSc degree (Engineering Application of Lasers) and a PhD degree (Laser micro/nano material processing) from the University of Liverpool in 2006 and 2010 respectively. I started my career as a researcher in August 2010 at laser group, University of Liverpool. If you want to more about my research at Liverpool. Please click ‘Enter’ below.

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我的家乡是中国深圳。我于2005年来英国利物浦大学读书,分别于2006年12月和2010年7月获得硕士(激光工程)和博士(激光微纳制造)学位。毕业后于2010年8月作为博士后助理研究员(Research Assistant)加入利物浦大学工程系激光组从事激光制造方向的科研。两年后于2012年8月升任副研究员(Research Associate从事激光发动机点火方向的科研直到现在。欢迎点击下面的‘进入’了解更多我的科研情况

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